How the Mainstream Media and Left Built the Alt-Right 

The Alt-Right has grown in the past few years, thanks to journalist and even people online talking about the group. They have even gone so far as to provide framework for the alt-right to grow, while only putting the alt-right down, and talking about how bad they are. It is almost like the left wing and mainstream media, don’t understand the concept of any publicity, is still publicity. The also don’t understand that the alt-right is more about internet trolling than it is, about racism. Beside all the racist stuff Richard Spencer says, I thought it might be fun to look at their techniques, rather than just insults.

If you look at the right-winged movement, it’s honestly not like anything the left describes it to be. It’s not a neo-Nazi cult or anything that is even that organized. The Alt-Right is more of a group of people that push memes, to favor a right winged agenda. I understand that back in 2017 Richard Spencer acted as the main front man, but just said racist stuff, to get attention. This is not the group I’m talking about, but rather I’m talking about all the people on the internet that share memes, and like pepe. The internet is the greatest tool for propaganda, which anyone can use to have their voice heard by a large audience. Thirty years ago, only the wealthy and well connected could afford to use media to get their voices heard. When people on the right use it against the leftist elite, they get called alt-Right, and get labeled as hate speech or fake news. Therefore, non-hateful stuff the right like is Natural News and Infor Wars, is ban on face book.

The greatest irony of this whole story is how the mainstream media built them up. They talked about them, and just gave them free advertising. They basically built up the Alt-Right, the same way they built up Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

When Trump was running, people on 4chan and on other websites were excited. They finally found someone who wasn’t a normal politician, and people liked that. On the internet he was easy to sell because he was funny and had different viewpoints rather than past politicians. Trump was great with twitter and knew how to get attention. He didn’t like Obama, and most people in the country felt let down by him. If someone didn’t know anything about Trump but hated past administrations, Trump had the upper hand. Calling Trump and his supporters racist, bigots, sexist, deplorables, and other names were the only left techniques the left employed. The left made them selves seem noble and accepting, while tearing into anyone who didn’t agree with them. This just pushed more people to the right while also giving people something to unite behind. From the early days of Trumps campaign the Right knew how to deal with hate.

The hatred on the left was serious. But the right knew how to turn this hatred into comedy and entertainment.

One ting about the internet, was people did things for the “lulz” which basically means doing something because its fun or funny. This has never changed, but in 2015 the content changes. Instead of just doing stuff for a joke online, people where actually going to use comedy to get Donald Trump elected. It was more because the left pissed people off, rather than Trump being good presidential material. Everyone had respect for a man that could take so much hate, from the same group that insulting the average person, for having a different opinion than what they where told to have. It was like how during the Revolutionary War the Americans made a song called “Yankee Doodle Dandy” based off a British insult. The right was going to use that same technique again.

What the left doesn’t realizes is that most people are not seeking approval from the mainstream media. The only approval that people seek is in their personal relationships and in their field of work. Besides that, most people just live for fun, and what ever is best for their wellbeing. If the approval does not help out a person wellbeing, they most likely won’t care about it. Some people think they are special because they follow what society tells them to do yet are miserable doing it. These are also the people who are the easiest to take advantage of. They are so fond of what people think of them, they will feel bad. They are also good targets to make fun of, just because of how far they will go for a little bit of approval. This is one technique the right uses: make fun of the people who go too far on the left. It amazing how easy it is to make fun of people who are too left.

The alt-Right became dominant in the world do to there use of comedy. Just by being able to use comedy, to make fun of the left, while they insulted the competition, made them who they are. It’s weird, because the mainstream media, and the left made the alt-Right what it is today. Every mean thing the left did, the alt-Right counteracted, and won.

One thing the left doesn’t realize is that when they insult centrist people, they push them further to the right. The right knows how to capitalize on this using nothing but memes and jokes.

What most people don’t understand is the alt-Right is nothing more than a bunch of comedians with internet access. The left is forcing this idea that they are the boogey man. It’s also interesting to note how violent the left becomes during conflict, especially in the US. At the same time, it is not uncommon to see the right pulling a joke, or doing some Op, to have the left embarrass themselves. The left building the Alt-Right because they are so easy to be made fun of.