All Warfare is Ultimately Psychological 

Don’t look at Meme Magic as something with which you can physically control the universe (levitate chairs, make viruses mutate, force a set of winning lotto numbers, etc).  Meme Magic is strictly in the realm of psychology.

The human builds his reality with already-existing components within his brain.  To a certain extent, the base-level objects in the brain (color, pitch, cold, hot, pain, tickle, time, space-orientation, acceleration, etc) come pre-packaged, like the keywords to a programming language.  The rest of the human psyche and internal existence is built up structures of memories and habits/behaviors which those memories gave birth to.  If you never taught a child what multiplication was, will he see a prime number or be blind to them?  In all likelihood he would remain blind.

The world we awake to each morning and interact with isn’t what it appears to be.  What we mentally interact with is a virtual reality construction by the subconscious brain.  Color (for the non-colorblind) is a great example of this falsehood.  The “high pitchness” of low-period cycles vs the “low pitchness” of high-period cycles is just like the color example.  These basis “objects” are not real; they are a psychological-language, or kind-of like a non-spreadable meme: in that you can compose memes with these objects just like you can compose memes with memes.

Meme Magic can only occur within between the physiological senses of the body and the virtual, colorful 3D-like world our conscious minds essentially “live” in.  Influencing that point in the process influences the behaviors of the subject.  Do this on a massive scale and it’s like having a human equivalent to a botnet. This is the true secret, and power of Meme Magic.