, My New Site 

Anyone who has been reading my blog probably noticed that I am pushing a new website called Honestly I figured it would be a good idea to start a new project, and advertise it here. You have to admit they are a lot better than the ads WordPress will pay me for. Anyway I thought I would go into a little bit about this new project.

One thing I noticed when it comes to troll groups is that they are either getting zucked on Facebook or getting raided on other platforms. I made Keks Army to provide people with a platform to build a community and organize trolling groups. This website has a lot of cool features. It’s meant to be a combination forum and messaging system. People can post about whatever topics they want, in regards to memes or politics. After they make the post people are able to respond publicly. Users can even message the original poster or people commenting to a post. This way they have a choice between keeping the messages public or private, at their own free will. I actually a copy of another website my friend made called

I feel like this site is important because it guarantees free speech, and free speech is important for people who want to enjoy memes. A lot of people who post memes have an edgy sense of humor, and most of the bigger platforms will take down content, just because someone is offended, yet at the same time will leave up other offensive stuff. There are many theories to why this is, some say it’s because of an agenda, while others say it is because of messed up algorithms. On this new site, I will only take down content if it is in fact illegal. If it isn’t, then it’s allowed.

Hope you enjoy!


Keks Army: