Jo Jorgensen Memes 

It seems that there is a third party canidate running for the office of president. Her name is Jo Jorgensen, and she’s running as a libertarian. Also her campaign is running a lot of memes to help promote her.

It’s interesting to see someone run with a third party. Every election it seems like there is someone running for an independent and third party. It’s kind of refreshing. A lot of people are sick and tired of the two party system, that we have in America. The libertarian party seems like a good platform, because you have people on the left, who want police reformed and lesser laws, while on the right you have people who are more focused on decreasing tax spending, and decrease in gun laws.

Most people don’t like Biden because he seems to have dementia, whiles others don’t like Trump because the media reports on all the bad things he do. Jo doesn’t have this problem. There are also some memes pointing out how she hasn’t been accused of sexual assault.

It’s interesting to see a candidate run on in this platform and from this angle.