Illuminati Memeing 

One group that has been brought to light over the years, is the group known as the illuminati. One of the reasons this group has been brought to light is because of their use of symbolism. In away this is just their way of making memes, the funny part people are catching on.

I have no idea why they do this, especially for a secret society. It seems like something they would want to keep on the down low. I could see them putting symbology on meeting places or using it to identify other members. Similar to how the Christians use a fish drawn with two curved lines to identify each other, back when it was illegal to be a Cristian, in Roman times. When Christians did this, one would draw one curve, and the other curve, to make the fish. This is how they would identify each other, without being caught. But it does seem like this could lead to them being discovered if they do it too much, for both Christian and the Illuminati.  This was even mentioned on Qanon, how their symbolism would destroy the illuminati.

Symbolism will be their downfall.
They are fighting to regain control.
You stand in their way.
You awake is their greatest fear.

Anyway I always thought that it was interesting how the iluminati did there own memes. You can even find this on money, and in the media.