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    Converting in Real Life Objects, to be Used for Meme War 

    A lot of the tactics I’ve discussed on this blog have been tailored to the idea, of using the internet to spread ideas, meme, and other forms of propaganda. But we need to know we are not limited to just using the internet. It is also possible to convert real life objects to be used, and by simple technique too. Most people would all this advertising, or vandalism, but both can be used for memeing.

    The vandalism can be used to spread a meme. One of the most recent examples I can think of is BLM slogans painted on roads where people travel and see them. This helps BLM get the word out about their movement and helps spread the meme of how black lives matter. Most people wouldn’t consider this vandalism, but they also use graffiti to share their message too. In a sense BLM is just using existing structures to make memes on to change the mind of other people. Putting a sticker of a meme you want to promote, is another good way to share a meme.

    Another thing people can use to meme are make business cards or poster of things they want to push. All you need to do is put them where people will see them, and make them worthy of people attentions, so they will remember it and share the idea. Most people would call this advertising, but in fact it is just another way to share a meme. There are a lot of different ways to make real life memes.

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    Memeing Out Bad Local Politicians 

    There are many aspects of using memes to influence things. One thing I have covered is how certain politicians have used memes to win election, with one of the best examples being Donald Trump in the 2016 election. But most people don’t realizes these technique can also be used in lower level elections too. People have been using memes against governors who have not been handling their states well, especially in the time of this COVID crisis.

    I think it is important that people realize the potential of using meme warfare technique against lower level politician too.

    It’s also a good idea to leak honest information, in a way that is enjoyable and sharable, if it is for a good cause. We all know that there are corrupt politicians, and most people don’t know anything about these politicians. It seems like using memes would be a way to educate the public about politicians running for local, and smaller branches of government.

    If you know any useful information on a politician that running locally. It would be a good idea to take what you know about their person and policies, and put it into a meme, to share at the local level. Most people who know about politics can get involved at a local level, just by using simple meme techniques.

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    A New Type of Meme 

    There is a new type of meme I want to present. These types of mems I used a lot and are useful for when you want someone to do research on something. Basically, what you do is you mention something, that people are interested in, or something that has to do with current events. You mention something else that you want them to research. You can use this as a joke and for educational purposes. This one here seems like it talks about state parks and stuff, but it asks the viewer to find out more by searching up events or projects where the government wasn’t acting in our best interest.

    This one talks about operation paper clip, where the government brough over Nazi scientist, after the war, but it uses COVID to collect the viewers attention

    This one is more for humor, but it shows how this technique could be used different ways.

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    Pushing on Social Media 


    Fire about 15 normie stuff like food porn, selfies, funny, cars what ever trough it. All will get spammed to your other accounts that’s according to plan. Like some pics (what ever you pretend to be). Follow some users. Spam some comments. There’re lot’s of web clients you can use from your browser to do the last three things. Always keep the ratio of 5 normal posts 1-2 political.

    Link accounts.

    Put your twitter link into your IG profile, to push through link juice. Keep on posting and throw in a few of the particularly good memes from time to time.

    Facebook Groups

    When using Facebook to push content, join groups. Join as many different groups as possible, with different purposes. Be in a lot of Facebook groups, and use them to push content that is related to the group. It’s amazing how much common interest you can find in a meme against something, in different groups, if you change it.

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    Example of an Attack 


    This is based off the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton is a mafia leader along with Bill, who have committed a lot of crimes and are racists and part of the 1%. Hillary was only saved by Comey because the system is corrupt and because of white privilege obviously. The Dems are part of the corruption and are afraid of Bernie therefore Bern Bros need a revolution against them. Post the KKK memes, talk about the Clintons’ link to different shady persons (e.g. Epstein the pedo) and organizations (Haiti charity ruining the country).

    Coarse of Action

    – Don’t be comical. Get a name that is not suspicious. The whole operation is about getting lost in the noise, just being a normal libs/Bern bros. You don’t have to overdo it or be funny i.e. no: Shani’qua Jones, La-a (Ladasha), Tommy McCuckson, Byrd Schydt and such.

    – Before starting to spam our memes, make sure you have a profile picture and a header. Get a profile picture from /soc/ or from a random facebook profile as they are not backtracable/imagesearchable like if you would get it from instagram or google or some news-sites. Header picture should be something relevant. E.g. If you are parading as a negro, use BLM/Black Panthers headers. If you are a Bernfag, use some Bernie picture or even some Communist propaganda.

    – You still can’t start the spamming, because you have to follow some people and make them follow you.

    – Since we have got a heated situation (Racewar, Hillary) you can have a 3:1 Political:Non-political ratio in tweets. In normal situation, keep these around 1:1. Post personal drama, food photos, and anything else normies usually do.

    – Be subtle, and remember the main law: EMOTION IS THE HOOK, FACTS ARE SIDE DISH

    – From my experience, the dumber and the worse (in quality, and in amount of strawman) a meme is, the better it flies. Don’t think as if our victims were just like us. They can’t think. They are living on an animal like level. That’s why having to hit their feelings, mainly their fear reactions hard as we can.

    – Don’t post anything pro-Trump – we are anti-Hillary and pro-Bernie. You can talk a bit about Trump in negative light, but your focus is on uncovering Hillary’s dirt for the Bernsters and the libs.

    – Also, if you that type of person, it is essential to use emojis. You can type them just like you would with text. Use the “laughing with tears” “100” and “perfect! hand signs” a lot.

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    Advance Meme Warfare 

    Successful guerilla PR / Astroturfing campaigns can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

    Step 1: Research

    Step 2: Content Creation

    Step 3: Outreach.


    If you find something damaging, make a post summarizing the content   !!! WITH A SOURCE. !!!

    The reason for the summary is because we’re going to need creative people (photoshop fags) to process the info into memes for spreading (via outreach)

    Content Creation

    The importance of this can’t be understated. We need to turn ourselves into a well oiled meme factory. For this any photoshop fags are going to need a crash course in mass persuasion. The reading list is great but I’ll write a few points here since most people don’t have time to read 10 books, and time is of the essence.

    The most effective political propaganda appeals to emotion. The idea is to stack up so much doubt, emotional appeals, and circumstantial evidence ON TOP of facts that we create a landslide of anti-Hill sentiment that permeates through society. This is what you see the MSM doing against Trump. They play the racism card because it’s extremely effective, albeit being low hanging fruit.

    We, on the other hand, have the advantage of being an anonymous swarm with a singular goal. We don’t have to play fair. We can say and spread whatever we want. Take a look at some of the most effective historical attack propaganda. You’ll see racism, rape, murder, and slander. The worst shit you can think of.

    The idea is to create one liners that we can memify and mass produce. These need to appeal to emotion strongly. We have to literally be the hate machine we’re known as.

    Out Reach:


    The basic strategy behind botting is as follows:

    Use hot girl usernames/pics (Bonus points for ethnic sounding usernames). – These are best for gaining massive amounts of followers.

     You can scrape your own via the instagram scraper ITT or rip them from somewhere manually

     Make accounts look as human as possible:

    Pick hot girl instagram accounts and rip their pics. Pic twitter accounts and rip all their tweets and make them your own. Don’t be lazy. Make them look legit. It’s important.


     This is the essence of gaining free social media traffic. You want to follow a hundred or so people every day per account, and unfollow the ones who don’t follow back after a couple days. After a few weeks, you’ll have #XXX – #XXXX followers per account.

     If you only follow redpill accounts, you’re not doing much to expand our reach. Follow/Unfollow normies who like puppies/candy/fishing etc etc. Target disenfranchised bernouts for best results.

     Treat your bots like an asset. Farm them steadily. Keep them pruned so they look legit. Make them look like interesting accounts that people want to follow. Posting “selfies” (ripped from instagram) is great for organic growth.


    To run accounts, you will need IPs. Need to hide that so you need a proxy.

    Paid private proxies are exclusive to you. Paid shared proxies are shared across a few people. Public proxies are free and open to the public.

    Addition Media Warfare and Manipulation

    – Lead unethical reporters on wild goose chases. Do 10 at the same time.

    – Find SHILLARY and CTR PR firms and fuck with their employees online and over the phone. Bully them.

    – Concern troll / Tone People/ Distract / Disrupt Enemies en-masse. Waste their time and resources.

    – Submit story leads


    – Paid press releases

    Safe Browsing

    Do to the nature of these operation, basic safe browsing habits will be important.

    Use anonymous proxies as mentioned above in conjunction with this set up to do your shitposting.


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