Transhumanism is the belief human can evolve beyond this state. In this state we willi greatly grow intellect, and a communication.  It’s interesting to look at when you look at how close we became to computers and technologies in the other fields. Even Elon Musk thinks it’s going to happen.

Here is some reason why I think it is a good thing:

  1. When all races eventually disappear with the advent of virtual realities where there are no races, we won’t fade into obscurity since the superior race card will become utterly meaningless. Racism is going to someday be impossible to have when people are abandoning their races altogether.
  2. When we start accessing technologies capable of putting all races on equal footing in any aspect, we won’t fade into obscurity. Now this in itself would actually promote developing a superior form of the human being, but that type of being would be universally accessible and there would be no point in killing races to access it since they can choose to evolve into it through the use of biotechnology. It might seem fictional now, but the decades are going to continue passing and it is only a matter of time till we break down the walls of limitation put up by our current bodily forms. Transhumanism promotes the application of biotechnology/neurotechnology to enhance the human condition.
  3. It’s another way to improve technology. This will be likely in ways we haven’t seen or could of even thought of. This is intriguing.
  4. Beyond mandating a focus on removing human suffering and transcending the human condition by means of technological advancement, you can politically believe whatever in transhumanism. If you want to be a totalitarian you can be a totalitarian transhumanist. The two stances are perfectly compatible.
  5. If we link up to technology it is possible, that we never die, and we just get uploaded to a computer, but we still feel like we are alive. If we have this, we might never have to die.

These are a few reasons why transhumanism is a good thing. It’s interesting to think about this since, it is very possible. Think about how close we are to our cell phones and computers. We’re more connected than ever before. This love for technology might be part of our human evolvement.