We all have heard about the alt-right, and most of the stuff we hear about them are scary stuff. We here about how racist they are, but that’s really it. Let’s look at the left, and what their extreme is like. And maybe we can decide which one is scarier.

The alt-left is known as ANTIFA and BLM. They have been known to cause many good for the world, but they don’t treat people nearly as bad as the alt-right. The alt-right might make a joke about you but the alt left is different. They will try to ruin your life if you do not agree with them. Think about it. Everyone has different points of view, but the left is worse.

The alt-left has been known, to go after people’s careers, and attack them. It’s not uncommon for the left to try to get someone fired. They will also attack people, and brutally hurt them. This is just so they can push their agenda, while at the same time they think. Over the past few month, with the rise of BLM, the alt left has become, a lot more violent and active. It’s scary to think how much worse the alt-left is compared to the alt-right.