What if They Began Using the Memes Against You?

Let’s say they use all those CIA toys to observe the anons. Imagine if those DARPA things they have been developing over the years were applied to mess with the anons minds. Imagine if they mapped all of your stimulus in the internet, through cameras, and marked each and every reaction to ever image you may ever have seen. They could separate the wheat from the tares and insert some of those memetic elements in daily things. Let’s say a van is parked in the parking lot by the end of the street, and they have another bus full of people down the other street. They can make shirts on the fly to make you react in the street to those stimuluses. if they pair those with other things, like something they would enjoy as a positive reinforcement, or something they don’t like as a negative reinforcement, its possible to make a AI predict what’s the better shirt someone should dress and diminish the costs of interrogating the suspects. CIA uses this thing to mess with anons heads in Europe and I believe FBI do it in the US. The thing is, those anons are forced to do things and since those are covert operations, they wouldn’t even change stuff if the subject shows some sort of compulsion to kill. So… Imagine a whole bunch of FBI agents following a spree killer without any intention to shut him down while he the real cops don’t appear. Imagine if CIA did it to make the Vault 7 look like a real need to the media, keeping their narrative solid? What would YOU do anon, I know you’re here, what would you do if they tried those things on you? Would that make you stop posting political stuff or any type of meme?

I think there may be a central management so large most normal people would think it is the root of evil in the world. And so effective that it would work like magic. It’s fascinating what you can do if you rape someone’s mind. I mean, consider the following, let’s say you live in a region where politicians only steal and fuck with the population’s life so they can make some cash to wash in foreign countries and sell more crack to people using police officers.