Types of Trolls

The Facefagger

They are spearhead. in the streets, on the channels showing your face, climbing roofs, rolling down huge banners, speak publicly, maybe even become a prominent face of the movement. Hell, you might even take to the high seas and troll NGO freeloader ferries with things progressing as they are. If you’re ripped or have experience in security services you might as well be a part of a Safety Squad, ensuring the protection of higher profile Facefaggers during mass attendance events.

All this will most likely get you in trouble with leftist fungus that will defame, denounce and character assassinate you. Therefore be aware that taking this path may very well be the path of a (proverbial) martyr. Nobody entering the path of valor should be under any illusion that his or her real life will go on as before, especially regarding finance, social status or your profession.That’s why you will be the heroes of the fight and that’s why the following two echelons are so important as well.

The Shitdispatcher

They are Anon. shitdispatcher don’t facefag, but you’re still out on the streets as well as active online. You attend rallies, marches, speeches, conventions but on a low profile. You document the movement on as much channels as possible and maintainable. You might PHYSICALLY REMOVE any and all leftist AgitProp in your neighborhood on a regular basis. You might as well make suitable memes print-ready and order or self-print stickers and/or posters and occasionally troll the shit out of Antifa propaganda with it. So there is certain risk. You also will filter the output of this here primordial soup of Meme Magic, take the most appealing and spread them.

The Crapposter

You are the person liking and sharing, what a facefagger or shitdispatcher post online. They are the biggest group of trolls.