Trump does this a lot.

1. Say something that can be emotionally-reversed at a later stage. Make sure to push your vocabulary as far as possible to exaggerate this effect. E.g., Trump finds out a media outlet is using blackmail on someone and he uses simple and inflammatory wording – WITHOUT GIVING EVIDENCE – and causes all of the left to hop on board and ridicule him.

2. Reverse it. E.g., it turns out that the media outlet is indeed using blackmail. This causes all of those left-wing detractors to take a good few steps towards seeing Trump as a positive. The sheer value of the negative emotion is partially transmuted into positive emotion.

3. Repeat this until people are on your side.

By the way, this obviously has less to do with memetics and more with persuasion, but the two can be used in combination. The persuasion can be housed within a meme image.