Richard Spencer

I hate this guy.

I’m sure everyone does, but it doesn’t change the fact that he makes for a good meme. Richard Spencer is a homosexual trust fund kid, who is known for running the alt-right. He’s a neo-Nazi who was seen giving a Hitler salute, and He even has the name alt-right registered as a business, and he runs a website, YouTube, and still has a twitter. It’s still up means while Alex Jones and Milo are banned.

Richard Spencer is pretty much known for saying dumb shit, but recently came out with something that topped it all. He came out in support of Joe Biden. The Biden campaign was quick to deny his support, and the internet blew up over this. Richard Spencer over night became the most hated person from both sides of the American political spectrum, but also did more than he ever di to put people in favor of Trump. Whether he did this on purpose for reverse psychology, or was just spewing dumb shit, is unknown. What is known is that it is having an impact.