Converting in Real Life Objects, to be Used for Meme War

A lot of the tactics I’ve discussed on this blog have been tailored to the idea, of using the internet to spread ideas, meme, and other forms of propaganda. But we need to know we are not limited to just using the internet. It is also possible to convert real life objects to be used, and by simple technique too. Most people would all this advertising, or vandalism, but both can be used for memeing.

The vandalism can be used to spread a meme. One of the most recent examples I can think of is BLM slogans painted on roads where people travel and see them. This helps BLM get the word out about their movement and helps spread the meme of how black lives matter. Most people wouldn’t consider this vandalism, but they also use graffiti to share their message too. In a sense BLM is just using existing structures to make memes on to change the mind of other people. Putting a sticker of a meme you want to promote, is another good way to share a meme.

Another thing people can use to meme are make business cards or poster of things they want to push. All you need to do is put them where people will see them, and make them worthy of people attentions, so they will remember it and share the idea. Most people would call this advertising, but in fact it is just another way to share a meme. There are a lot of different ways to make real life memes.