Memeing Out Bad Local Politicians

There are many aspects of using memes to influence things. One thing I have covered is how certain politicians have used memes to win election, with one of the best examples being Donald Trump in the 2016 election. But most people don’t realizes these technique can also be used in lower level elections too. People have been using memes against governors who have not been handling their states well, especially in the time of this COVID crisis.

I think it is important that people realize the potential of using meme warfare technique against lower level politician too.

It’s also a good idea to leak honest information, in a way that is enjoyable and sharable, if it is for a good cause. We all know that there are corrupt politicians, and most people don’t know anything about these politicians. It seems like using memes would be a way to educate the public about politicians running for local, and smaller branches of government.

If you know any useful information on a politician that running locally. It would be a good idea to take what you know about their person and policies, and put it into a meme, to share at the local level. Most people who know about politics can get involved at a local level, just by using simple meme techniques.