Pushing on Social Media


Fire about 15 normie stuff like food porn, selfies, funny, cars what ever trough it. All will get spammed to your other accounts that’s according to plan. Like some pics (what ever you pretend to be). Follow some users. Spam some comments. There’re lot’s of web clients you can use from your browser to do the last three things. Always keep the ratio of 5 normal posts 1-2 political.

Link accounts.

Put your twitter link into your IG profile, to push through link juice. Keep on posting and throw in a few of the particularly good memes from time to time.

Facebook Groups

When using Facebook to push content, join groups. Join as many different groups as possible, with different purposes. Be in a lot of Facebook groups, and use them to push content that is related to the group. It’s amazing how much common interest you can find in a meme against something, in different groups, if you change it.