Connecting to Social Media

What you need

A Bluestacks Android Emulator

Mobile devices and gmail accounts get the lowest possible burden of proof to create as many accounts as you want. 99.99% of no phone validation, no bullshit, just register and go

A Gmail Account

having a unique and legit gmail account is the same as a black amex at a Hotel… You’re google legit, if you add navigating from a new android device thats like the black amex combined with a diplomatic passport.… So almost all social networks etc will treat you as a VIP and let you create one account per gmail account with one click. If you don’t have a gmail account theres the bluestacks tutorial to get one without entering any phone number within seconds (I guess canadabro has the screencap)

Get ready:

-Get a profile pic (soc or any fb… so it isn’t that obvious)

-Choose a screen name

-Choose a password for all accounts…

-Pre write a bio like:

Macy 23, city, bernie girl, long boarding, student, uni of choice blabla muh dog is, muh life, muh pronouns are… you got it

The first three are picky so we trick them with a android device and a gmail addy into accepting us without asking any questions.

Create a instagram account

-Install Instagram in bluestacks and start it

-Create new account

-Use your new gmail addy

-Choose a screen name

-Decline the “add phone number crap“

-Confirm your account from your gmail inbox

-Use a profile pic and copy paste a bio…



same as above just with Twitter


same things above.

face book

If you feel lucky try your luck at creating a Facebook account but those guys are really hard. So it might work it might not work without a phone number but hey at least you can try.

Now we switch to the normal pc, log out from all accounts on bluestacks beside the instagram account and sign into your gmail account with your normal browser


Go to You got a account with your gmail account, so just create a blog and put some color into it


Go to Create account with gmail…usual account stuff. Create a few boards. Done

You can create accounts at many more sites just with your google login.