Example of an Attack


This is based off the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton is a mafia leader along with Bill, who have committed a lot of crimes and are racists and part of the 1%. Hillary was only saved by Comey because the system is corrupt and because of white privilege obviously. The Dems are part of the corruption and are afraid of Bernie therefore Bern Bros need a revolution against them. Post the KKK memes, talk about the Clintons’ link to different shady persons (e.g. Epstein the pedo) and organizations (Haiti charity ruining the country).

Coarse of Action

– Don’t be comical. Get a name that is not suspicious. The whole operation is about getting lost in the noise, just being a normal libs/Bern bros. You don’t have to overdo it or be funny i.e. no: Shani’qua Jones, La-a (Ladasha), Tommy McCuckson, Byrd Schydt and such.

– Before starting to spam our memes, make sure you have a profile picture and a header. Get a profile picture from /soc/ or from a random facebook profile as they are not backtracable/imagesearchable like if you would get it from instagram or google or some news-sites. Header picture should be something relevant. E.g. If you are parading as a negro, use BLM/Black Panthers headers. If you are a Bernfag, use some Bernie picture or even some Communist propaganda.

– You still can’t start the spamming, because you have to follow some people and make them follow you.

– Since we have got a heated situation (Racewar, Hillary) you can have a 3:1 Political:Non-political ratio in tweets. In normal situation, keep these around 1:1. Post personal drama, food photos, and anything else normies usually do.

– Be subtle, and remember the main law: EMOTION IS THE HOOK, FACTS ARE SIDE DISH

– From my experience, the dumber and the worse (in quality, and in amount of strawman) a meme is, the better it flies. Don’t think as if our victims were just like us. They can’t think. They are living on an animal like level. That’s why having to hit their feelings, mainly their fear reactions hard as we can.

– Don’t post anything pro-Trump – we are anti-Hillary and pro-Bernie. You can talk a bit about Trump in negative light, but your focus is on uncovering Hillary’s dirt for the Bernsters and the libs.

– Also, if you that type of person, it is essential to use emojis. You can type them just like you would with text. Use the “laughing with tears” “100” and “perfect! hand signs” a lot.