The Story of Qanon, 8chan, and 8kun

8chan was created in October 2013 by computer programmer Fredrick Brennan. Since then it has become the topic of many controversial subjects. It was basically a forum like 4chan, but it has become controversial just as well. After Donald trump won the election in 2016, something new appeared of 8chan. In October, the next year someone went on 4chan and used the name “Q.” Later they switch over to 8chanAt first it seemed like one person, but later on it was to believe to be a group of people. These people would leave these cryptic messages talking about conspiracy theories and other things like that. One of their biggest stories were of the elite Hollywood pedo ring.

Back in 2017 and early 2018, this seemed hard to believe. The only other person who talked about this was Alex Jones. And when he did, most people were watching for entertainment purposes, and very few people him seriously. The first time most people got a light in this was when Jeff Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking charges. While he was in custody, he was found unconscious on July 23, 2020. He had injuries on his neck and was shaken. It seemed like someone attacked him. He was placed on suicide watch, and less than a week later he was taken off of it. Two weeks later he was found dead. The mainstream media was quick to say that this was a suicide. Rumors were floating around, and no one believed that it was a suicide.

People started follow Qanon closer and closer. Soon the website 8chan, was taken down. It was rumor, that a shooting, that happened a few days before Epstein death, was some how connected with the website. None of this information was ever found out to be true, but Cloudflare, the company running CDC protection, decided to leave the company. They soon started getting DDOS attacked and the owner Jimi Watkin, was called to DC to testify about his website. He said he took it down voluntarily, until he testified. Yet they still had problem getting it up. Qanon was silent. Nothing was heard from Q but everyone wondered what happened.

In September the new domain, 8kun, was registered for the new site, since the domain 8chan was registered to Fredrick Brennan, the original owner. On October 7, 2019, a short YouTube video came out that was a teaser for the new website. This was on Jim Watkin own YouTube channel. His team also partnered with Vanwatech to protect the website. The servers were still being attacked and they had a hard time launching the site. But on November 5 the site came on for a little bit, but then was shut off. The next month and a half were nothing but a small cyber war to get this website up and running. We were able to get a few Qanon post, but not many. It wasn’t until November, that 8kun was finally up and running stably. We were finally able to hear from Qanon again.

Below I posted some links that give resources of people involve in this whole project. Some I didn’t mention, but I hope you enjoy.

Links and Resources