Why Studying Memes is a Good Idea

For a lot of people, a blog about memes is a waste of time, especially when you look at how little WordPress ads pay. But I’ve been studying memes, social media influencing, and other forms of social engineering for about three years now. Aside from internet trolling, there are other applications trolling and memes could be use.

 I try to come at this subject as neutral as possible, because it can be used by many different people and situations. I feel like it would be a good idea to look at memeing as an academic, rather than someone who just likes to mess with people.

This field is extremely new. Just look at how long people have had access to the internet and social media. Going further back in history, we see that the only other forms of meme control, are in the form of advertisements and propaganda, which was very costly back then. The only other time you hear about this is in the book the Selfish Gene, where we hear about human evolvement and being selfish to survive. Maybe with the amount of controls memes give people, it does seem like part of human evolvement.

An external might view memes as nothing more than comedy on web, but there are some people who view memes as form of influence, whether in real life, or online. If you view memes as influential, I suggest focusing on the mechanics of them, once you learn this, you can use memeing to help control other aspects of your life. There honestly no sense in studying stupid picture on the internet. Understanding how they interact, and influence people is a whole new ball game. Now imagine understanding this to the point, that you could have the same kind of control a meme gives the internet. Now we first must understand that a meme, is just an idea. People have found away to take an idea of a feeling they have or something they want people to know and share it in an image. Maybe there are other ways to share these ideas. Maybe making a joke about something can have an impact on how someone feels or interpret something. If the joke is good enough, people will steal it and share it, and soon everyone hears about it. Since the joke is funny it will grow and spread on its own, while the idea your trying to spread, is spreading too. That’s the power of a good meme. No one really knows how influential a little comedy can be.

Let’s look at another idea, the idea of fear rather than comedy. Most people look at fear as something that’s bad, and comedy being good. This is just not true; some comedy sucks and is depressing or degenerate, while fear is the one emotion that helps us survive more than any other. What stops us from touching a hot pan, or eating food that is too hot? The fear of getting burnt is what keeps us from handling things that are too hot. If we can associate fear with something, we are trying to protect people are less likely to mess with it. For instance, if you are getting harassed by people, start talking about hacking or just computer science in general, then watch how quickly you are left alone. You don’t even need to make a threat, just

Another idea that I see people utilize, is intelligence, both by showing off how smart they are, and lower end of the spectrum stuff. People act smart all the time to get the way they want, and too impress people. This is quite common, and most people know about this, or seen someone utilize it. Lower end spectrum stuff is incredibly unique. People will act stupid to get there way, to the point some people will convince other of being handicap just to avoid pressure from other people, both with work and questions.

I would recommend for anyone having any struggles in life, to try to utilize memes rather than violence, threats, or simple ratting. You will be incredibly surprised with how surprise, utilizing real life memes for life’s problems can be. Not to mention if you are successful with it, and you are able to grow your career or love life because of it.  

I’ve always been trying to find way to improve my life and influence is the biggest improvement I think one can make to their life. Even money, is nothing but a form of influence, if you think about it. You can barter for something, but money and the more you can offer, will get you what ever you want, if you have enough. I will admit, most internet memes are stupid, but what you can get as result from a good meme, makes this subject worth studying.