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    Mottos, Slogans, or Catch Phases 

    The are all memes in away. They need to be catchy and able to send a brief message. Besides that, there are other aspects to look at.

    The environment that a catch phrase is released in can have some impact on it. It can change how it is interpreted, and can it change how it is shared. It’s good to study aspects of memes when making a slogan or catch phrase for something.

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    Bald for BLM 

    I’m just going to leave this here, because it shows how triumphant the trolling community can be.

    This was where some trolls got a hash tag trending, #goBaldforBLM. This was basically to push woman to shave their head in support of BLM. Shaving your head doesn’t do anything to support the movement. Shaving your head doesn’t do anything to support the movement, but it’s funny that people will still fall for it.

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    All occult guys do is tell people to read a bunch of books, and that has little to do with memetic warfare.

    These books lay the foundation for the entire idea of metaphysical correspondence and invocation of theurgic god forms. There would be no “chaos magic” without these texts, or “meme magic”, or any other related idea.

    Let me give you a super simplified digest of things I picked up from ‘occult’ (hidden) teachings. Overly simplified I might say.

    For a tree to reach the heavens, its roots must lie in hell. The division between psychology, economy, religion, philosophy, mythology, and everything else is an artifice. It’s all one and at earlier times was understood as such. That which is without doubt may be considered fact, nothing else can be held as such. It works better if it’s unknown to the target unless it’s placebo, then if it was going to work it works anyways. The easiest way to convince someone to your idea is have them figure it out themselves, give them a starting point but obscure the destination. Darkness has unintended consequences, inevitably detrimental. Light has obvious consequences, but unintentional benefits. The void is a mirror, your sight contains light all its own. Look closely. It is the fate of man to die, it is his destiny to live. Willpower comes from sacrifice of comfort; true power comes from finding comfort in sacrifice. Inaction is far more effective than most actions, for it is a perfect act with no effort. The more forceful the idea, the less likely it is to thrive, for it is missing a fire of creation and outs itself thusly. To be able to entertain ideas without being affected by them, that is philosophy. Don’t take anything literally unless it happened in the last thousand years. Anything. To be at peace is to have control, to have control is to let go of all worldliness, to let go is to own one’s soul, to own one’s soul you have to tell her to shut the fuck up. There is a stage beyond wizard’ There are three kinds of people. People of the times, people struggling against the times, and people outside of the times. The ones outside we usually know in a flash, from Elvis to Cyrus, Hitler to Bill Murray. Identities whose presence taps into something inherent in all of humanity. Tarot and other oracular arts aren’t about predicting the future, it’s ordering the images one produces in experiencing events. To become adept at the patterns they fall in is to be adept at guessing social occurrences. Nowadays the best oracles bet you’ll divorce the guy and have a sixty percent success rate. It isn’t fake, its origin is merely unconscious rather than divine arcane. It all falls to whether you will it consistently or not. The sky and the cosmos are one. Most people only see blue when they envision everything upwards. There are things beyond our recognition, understanding, and comprehension. A vast swathe of known and unknowns. They are still, however, accountable, and predictable, and subject to appreciation.

    You don’t even need to read the works. Just understand the concepts.

    There is a difference, as far as I have experienced. The occult doesn’t deal in any one subject. There is no ‘occult’ science, ‘occult’ philosophy, etc. It treats it as one subject. Where a philosophy course will take you through the history of a subject, occult teaching is about experiencing the subject. Mythology, ritual, basic meanings are used in the learning process. There is no fluff to fill out the pages, everything is put in to mold the ideas you are receiving. A philosophy course is like a Burger King Whopper with a medium soda. It sustains, possibly harms, but you’re full. The occult stuff is pemmican and hardtack with coffee. It leaves you hungry for more, with the drive to find it. All this hermetic nonsense is soul food for those about to endure a world the more esoteric and flowery philosophies abhor. The kind of world where one doesn’t bother arguing at a sophist, so much as slitting his throat, or hanging him out of grim necessity. While the result appears much the same, the occult has its roots in hard fought wisdom. Philosophy has its roots in idle intellect. When a storm blows you can be sure as hell the bush in the boulders will outlast the tree in the field. I suppose stoicism is the middle ground between the two

    Where a philosophy course will take you through the history of a subject, occult teaching is about experiencing the subject. I haven’t argued that a philosophy course is particularly useful either. When it comes to why I pushed wizards and meme magic, it’s not got much to do with the occult, but more with everyday people needing our own words suited to our needs, rather than use words that are meant to give academics a monopoly on interpretation. This will not be a problem, since it simplifies expressing ideas when you have words for them, but as our vocabulary separates from academese. This way of describing reality will become partly incommensurable with theirs, and that means they have a problem explaining to the others, what we do and what we want, without using vocabulary to do it. It’s that a meme spread and that anons like it enough to spin further on it, that is the main reason meme magic work, since  he focus alone will create confirmation bias, while formulating an idea and getting it talked about. This is the first step towards realization. A philosophy course is like a Burger King Whopper with a medium soda. It sustains, possibly harms, but you’re full. The occult stuff is pemmican and hardtack with coffee. It leaves you hungry for more, with the drive to find it.

    It’s perhaps obvious now that using memes (& image macros) to shame the enemies and win converts, was needed for a no platformed message like ours to build enough momentum to break into the main stream, but it was very hard to get enough anons to understand it, before they could see the meme magic developing in front of them, when anons started to hit back at the enemy with crude humor and simple truths.

    It’s not just that I have anything against the occultists, if they rather than using parables to how great it is, could just explain the basics so anons could start working on it, without having to read all sorts of books first. Anons did not need to be Plato scholars to evolve these two varieties, as the cave allegory is a fitting image to how the blue-pilled think the media reflect the outside world.


    There is a lot of confusion on how the occult could learn from science, and most of it is a lie. Absolute garbage that turns “the universe can actually be described better in this apparently counter-intuitive way” in “10 REASONS WHY REALITY DON’T REAL! MAJIK!”. I’ll try to do it right and, most of all, share the useful bits of the scientific mindset that I apply in my magical practice.

    So, how does stuff work? I will use the simplest interpretation, Copenhagen, and introduce our actors. Enter the quantum state. The universe is in a certain state. This state is 100% determined and very much real, and it evolves trough time in a perfectly predictable way. There’s a catch: the state of a quantum system (eg: the universe) doesn’t tell you what you will observe, it tells you how likely every possible observation is. You still have a deterministic reality, but that determinism is not where you intuitively would expect it to be. Since something being somewhere is all about your possibility of interaction with said object, the electron around the atom actually is all over the orbital, electrons in a solid piece of metal are actually all over the solid holding it together, electrons in a covalent bond hold it together because they actually are around both atoms.

    Enter the observables. These are specific aspects of reality we observe. When they are observed, the state changes to a different state where the result we got had 100% possibility of occurring. I am quite confident this is not where the magic happens. After this, the system continues to evolve from that point and that probability starts spreading around again. Each and every interaction in the whole wide universe is a matter of observables and so an act of observation, and there is no reason why this should not apply to magic. Since these interactions happen all the time, they act on reality by making it look more deterministic also on the superficial level.

    What we need to add to talk about magic is form, or shape. Morphed form is what we distinguish. That wave function has no specificity. It’s the wave function of the universe, connecting every aspect of it and changing with every observation. However, we do recognize objects. We live in a divided reality. To be more correct, that’s what it is to our minds. Objects, people, phenomena of all sorts, every-thing we have a name for has a form. In that great sea of observables, we draw lines and give names. These are in a sense illusion, but only as much as we are illusions ourselves. In the same way we recognize chairs and people we use similar mechanisms to recognize other phenomena, which may or may not be self-aware: gods, anomalies, and so on.

    Magic is all about manifesting the shapes you want, and of course there is more than one state for one shape you can imagine. If you want to cast a spell to find a lemon, there are countless lemons to choose from and countless ways you could find one, and in different conditions. Enter Boltzmann. The lemon is a macrostate. Every possible way that lemon might be made is a microstate. You want a determined macrostate. There are many different microstates that would get you there or that would already satisfy your conditions. If you looked ahead in time you would see many stories that lead, there with a certain probability. Sometimes they all converge on the same event, other times they branch a lot. In all this, when looking through time, you would find that certain events are close to inevitable and quite determined, other events are more open to shaping, less determined. As a rule of thumb, it is usually easier to cause change in a more distant future.

    Enter Magic or Heka.

    Applying Magic corresponds to operating behind the scenes. The most basic operation is about gripping with some aspects of reality and moving them, shaping them, so that what you intend to see would manifest. For a split second you can suspend reality’s coherence and manipulate the current state of the universe (which might well be the only one that exists) so that it will arrive coherently at the desired state. Divination is when you shape a certain support to represent some information (your perception alone, or a deck of cards, or runes, or bones and trinkets). Evocation is a mix of divination and enchantment to contact a more or less conscious form, or to interact with an aspect of reality by personifying it. Keep in mind that entities of all sorts see reality in a very different ways than we do. Some might initiate communication themselves and manifest by altering all sorts of supports, your perception being an all-time favorite. Note: it is not known if there are things that are truly impossible, and unfortunately, we have no way to know. Is it just about how much power you can wield, or are there configurations of the universe that are, strictly forbidden? Are there hard constraints, like the conservation of energy, or is it just about bigger changes requiring more power? I can’t answer these questions as of now, but I will reiterate Crowley’s advice to never assume impossibility. You only know what is possible based on experience after all.

    A special mention goes to the shaping of the human mind (which is in some small degree constantly happening, and when properly applied is the difference between automatism and will) and that of your non-physical substance, which I believe has some factual existence beyond the symbolic. Some would disagree. However, in every moment you apply a bit of this power, which the Egyptians called Heka, to your perception. As you take a collection of observables and start treating it in a certain way, a small degree of active belief will kick in and start shaping it even if you have no magical training at all. In this way some ideas are born and some gain power. This is a most important principle in Meme Magic. Do not forget, however, that out there are other things that no human ever made. Some became conscious as you did at some point in route from embryo to internet memer, others come from outside of this universe and are very much something else. Should you see one of them you will know. Some are friendly, some are not. In fact, most of them are not, exactly as most animals are not your friends in a jungle, at best they would rather ignore you, few would be curious, many would be dangerous.

    Heka can command the gods themselves, Heka, magic, is about using the same power that constantly make reality real to your own advantage. If this wall of text is to your liking let me know and I will follow up with practice. I would like to eventually develop this further and turn this into a book, first in my native language the English, so all criticism is welcome. I’m not sure how clear this is.

    Wizards see this as an occasion to pass on their knowledge. Meme magic is powerful, but among the tools at your disposal it’s simply one of them. There are others.

    Mind and memes

    To understand memes, we need to see how this works from the inside. While the “all is one” new age theory is technically true, it’s only true in the same sense that we do not exist and we are just drops of water in the ocean, but for every practical purpose we do make distinctions based on how our minds work. One particularly important distinction is personification: our intelligence evolved to handle other humans, so we have important parts of our brains that work by personifying things. Without knowing about any of this you might have been thinking what a certain machine wanted to start functioning again, for example. Since always humans have interpreted natural phenomena and entities of all sorts as humanoid creatures, which is why 4chan and frog characters are more effective than using the verbatim of dark humor genome or the idea of “absence of light” as a thing in itself.

    So, you label and distinguish different items. However, you are not unique. Other people do the same, we end up recognizing remarkably similar items (when this is more difficult, like in this very subject, it becomes occult, hidden). Another thing we are equipped for is communicating those items and about those items. If you do not know the name for something, and at some point, learn it, you are likely going to start using that name. This is how you learned to talk, a fundamental mechanism of how we work.

    The item is out there (even those internal items, like “fear”, are not the one who observes them). Your internal characterization of said item is the internal meme. What you can communicate, how you express it, is the external meme. “Feel the bern”, the string of letters, is an external meme. Sanders’ mememancers tried to use it for their cause, but the internal meme correlated with it changed from what was intended. The evolution of “feels good man” into sad frog and eventually pepe is different on the other hand, because there were big or subtle changes in the external meme every time it changed. Never forget about this dual nature of memes.

    Two important things about memes: memes need an item to grip on, memes are NOT just referencing to the item.

    Memes need an item: it can simply be an emotional response or something so nonsensical it’s fun, but there must be something in there of at least one between emotional or practical value. This is where the energy of the meme comes from. If it’s just a way to redefine something, it will only work if it is an actual improvement over what people already use. As when calculus was introduced in science. Since these breakthroughs are not common, what most memes tap on is emotional response. Pepe tapped on the underground emotions brewing in the disenfranchised youth, from empty satisfaction to frustration and sadness, and then beyond that the smugness of those who have no stakes at all in that society, that point where shits stop being given. Leftist memes tap on their need to signal social status and their disdain for the things they claim to care for.

    Memes are more than the item: memes carry the point of view and reaction to the item. When you hear “we wuz kangs n’ shiet” you’re not just remembering that some black people falsely believe this idea about history, the emotional aspect of the memes influences the way you think about it. It is implying that is something to make fun of. Think bigger: Christianity isn’t just a description of the spiritual and the mystical, accounting for the same experiences every other culture stumbled upon. Christianity also carries strong notes of sacrifice and self-immolation, but also divine justice and righteous fury.

    What makes meme magic work?

    Basically, two things. I already mentioned the little grain of belief we constantly apply to our perception. Now, this is effective in two ways: one is that it changes how you think. Internal memes are what makes up our thoughts. A new meme will change the way you think, just consider how after visiting a post about social engineering so much entertainment you see around you stinks of media influence. Before there might have been something a little bit off, but now you have names and images for it. In fact, most of your thoughts are simply memes triggering each other by relationships of correlation, something I might get into later on to teach you how to notice this (and become somewhat liberated). When memes are accepted and internalized, they can radically change how people think in the most materialistic sense, and the fact that this kind of magic exploits very materialistic modes of operation is what makes it reliable.

    Then there is the second form of influence, which is that little grain of will we put into our beliefs at every moment, passively. This is how a lot of shitposting downed a plane. Memes contain certain forms, those tiny bits of will and can add up to a lot of power that will attempt to manifest those forms. Usual rules of magic still apply act without lust of results (or, do it for the lulz), and no negative statements. Keep in mind that the forms that manifest are the ones that get the actual belief poured into, not their assumed moral. If you meme for an unwinnable fight you will get an epic defeat. Meme for your actual objectives and nothing less.

    So, what makes a meme effective: emotional power, usefulness in highlighting a new concept or one that was already there but unnoticed, even redefining something old in a new way that carries more emotional value. Even just humor or entertainment, which are in fact the most effective ways of all. What makes that meme useful depends on the state of reality it is promoting and the thought patterns it causes. Don’t be overt with this, it’s more important to get the tone, style, and aesthetic right, rather than shove in a big cheesy flag of whatever you want to promote (where it doesn’t work in context). Best case scenario: a funny meme with implications too subtle to be noticed right away.

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    Illuminati Memeing 

    One group that has been brought to light over the years, is the group known as the illuminati. One of the reasons this group has been brought to light is because of their use of symbolism. In away this is just their way of making memes, the funny part people are catching on.

    I have no idea why they do this, especially for a secret society. It seems like something they would want to keep on the down low. I could see them putting symbology on meeting places or using it to identify other members. Similar to how the Christians use a fish drawn with two curved lines to identify each other, back when it was illegal to be a Cristian, in Roman times. When Christians did this, one would draw one curve, and the other curve, to make the fish. This is how they would identify each other, without being caught. But it does seem like this could lead to them being discovered if they do it too much, for both Christian and the Illuminati.  This was even mentioned on Qanon, how their symbolism would destroy the illuminati.

    Symbolism will be their downfall.
    They are fighting to regain control.
    You stand in their way.
    You awake is their greatest fear.


    Anyway I always thought that it was interesting how the iluminati did there own memes. You can even find this on money, and in the media.

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    All Warfare is Ultimately Psychological 

    Don’t look at Meme Magic as something with which you can physically control the universe (levitate chairs, make viruses mutate, force a set of winning lotto numbers, etc).  Meme Magic is strictly in the realm of psychology.

    The human builds his reality with already-existing components within his brain.  To a certain extent, the base-level objects in the brain (color, pitch, cold, hot, pain, tickle, time, space-orientation, acceleration, etc) come pre-packaged, like the keywords to a programming language.  The rest of the human psyche and internal existence is built up structures of memories and habits/behaviors which those memories gave birth to.  If you never taught a child what multiplication was, will he see a prime number or be blind to them?  In all likelihood he would remain blind.

    The world we awake to each morning and interact with isn’t what it appears to be.  What we mentally interact with is a virtual reality construction by the subconscious brain.  Color (for the non-colorblind) is a great example of this falsehood.  The “high pitchness” of low-period cycles vs the “low pitchness” of high-period cycles is just like the color example.  These basis “objects” are not real; they are a psychological-language, or kind-of like a non-spreadable meme: in that you can compose memes with these objects just like you can compose memes with memes.

    Meme Magic can only occur within between the physiological senses of the body and the virtual, colorful 3D-like world our conscious minds essentially “live” in.  Influencing that point in the process influences the behaviors of the subject.  Do this on a massive scale and it’s like having a human equivalent to a botnet. This is the true secret, and power of Meme Magic.

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    What’s Fueling anti-Semitism 

    It has been around for quite some time, but let’s talk about modern era stuff. There are good and bad people in each group, but the Jews are known as the one group of people that are subversive. One of biggest pusher of anti-Semitism are the elitist, who give a bad reputation for themselves. Take in example, Epstein, Weinstein, and Maxwell. They are all Jewish. Weather or not they believe it, the average observer sees this, and makes their own opinion. Anti-Semitism can take is able to shape because of the bad reputation these people give them. Let me make it clear. There are groups that push for racism, but most of the stereotypes of the Jewish people are in fact by other Jews.

    It doesn’t help when some of the most elite criminals, society has seen, all have Jewish sounding last names.

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    How the Mainstream Media and Left Built the Alt-Right 

    The Alt-Right has grown in the past few years, thanks to journalist and even people online talking about the group. They have even gone so far as to provide framework for the alt-right to grow, while only putting the alt-right down, and talking about how bad they are. It is almost like the left wing and mainstream media, don’t understand the concept of any publicity, is still publicity. The also don’t understand that the alt-right is more about internet trolling than it is, about racism. Beside all the racist stuff Richard Spencer says, I thought it might be fun to look at their techniques, rather than just insults.

    If you look at the right-winged movement, it’s honestly not like anything the left describes it to be. It’s not a neo-Nazi cult or anything that is even that organized. The Alt-Right is more of a group of people that push memes, to favor a right winged agenda. I understand that back in 2017 Richard Spencer acted as the main front man, but just said racist stuff, to get attention. This is not the group I’m talking about, but rather I’m talking about all the people on the internet that share memes, and like pepe. The internet is the greatest tool for propaganda, which anyone can use to have their voice heard by a large audience. Thirty years ago, only the wealthy and well connected could afford to use media to get their voices heard. When people on the right use it against the leftist elite, they get called alt-Right, and get labeled as hate speech or fake news. Therefore, non-hateful stuff the right like is Natural News and Infor Wars, is ban on face book.

    The greatest irony of this whole story is how the mainstream media built them up. They talked about them, and just gave them free advertising. They basically built up the Alt-Right, the same way they built up Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

    When Trump was running, people on 4chan and on other websites were excited. They finally found someone who wasn’t a normal politician, and people liked that. On the internet he was easy to sell because he was funny and had different viewpoints rather than past politicians. Trump was great with twitter and knew how to get attention. He didn’t like Obama, and most people in the country felt let down by him. If someone didn’t know anything about Trump but hated past administrations, Trump had the upper hand. Calling Trump and his supporters racist, bigots, sexist, deplorables, and other names were the only left techniques the left employed. The left made them selves seem noble and accepting, while tearing into anyone who didn’t agree with them. This just pushed more people to the right while also giving people something to unite behind. From the early days of Trumps campaign the Right knew how to deal with hate.

    The hatred on the left was serious. But the right knew how to turn this hatred into comedy and entertainment.

    One ting about the internet, was people did things for the “lulz” which basically means doing something because its fun or funny. This has never changed, but in 2015 the content changes. Instead of just doing stuff for a joke online, people where actually going to use comedy to get Donald Trump elected. It was more because the left pissed people off, rather than Trump being good presidential material. Everyone had respect for a man that could take so much hate, from the same group that insulting the average person, for having a different opinion than what they where told to have. It was like how during the Revolutionary War the Americans made a song called “Yankee Doodle Dandy” based off a British insult. The right was going to use that same technique again.

    What the left doesn’t realizes is that most people are not seeking approval from the mainstream media. The only approval that people seek is in their personal relationships and in their field of work. Besides that, most people just live for fun, and what ever is best for their wellbeing. If the approval does not help out a person wellbeing, they most likely won’t care about it. Some people think they are special because they follow what society tells them to do yet are miserable doing it. These are also the people who are the easiest to take advantage of. They are so fond of what people think of them, they will feel bad. They are also good targets to make fun of, just because of how far they will go for a little bit of approval. This is one technique the right uses: make fun of the people who go too far on the left. It amazing how easy it is to make fun of people who are too left.

    The alt-Right became dominant in the world do to there use of comedy. Just by being able to use comedy, to make fun of the left, while they insulted the competition, made them who they are. It’s weird, because the mainstream media, and the left made the alt-Right what it is today. Every mean thing the left did, the alt-Right counteracted, and won.

    One thing the left doesn’t realize is that when they insult centrist people, they push them further to the right. The right knows how to capitalize on this using nothing but memes and jokes.

    What most people don’t understand is the alt-Right is nothing more than a bunch of comedians with internet access. The left is forcing this idea that they are the boogey man. It’s also interesting to note how violent the left becomes during conflict, especially in the US. At the same time, it is not uncommon to see the right pulling a joke, or doing some Op, to have the left embarrass themselves. The left building the Alt-Right because they are so easy to be made fun of.

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    Ex-KGB Agent Talks about using Ideas for Warfare. 


    Here’s a video I found of explaining how a big part of thee KGB was dedicated to idea warfare.

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    Corona Virus the Memes 

    One of the biggest memes that the world has seen this pass year is about the Corona Virus. We have been hearing about this for quite some time now. And it seems like not a day go by the fake news doesn’t have someone live talking about it. The funny thing is that the story has changed with the Corona Virus.

    Yet it begins in China, in the city of Wuhan, back in December. Someone decided to eat bat soup and got sick with this virus. There was a lot of panic about it at first, since no one knew what to make of it. People were dying, and the Chinese authorities stepped in to make sure the virus didn’t spread and infect the whole nation. They were enforcing sticker laws, and even blocking off roads to parts of cities.

    In January the virus, was to of spread to Italy. With in February, supplies like face masks and hand sanitizer. One guy even went so far as to buy up all the hand sanitizer he could, just so he could resell it on amazon. His operation was quickly shut down.  https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/03/man-who-tried-to-sell-18000-bottles-of-hand-sanitizer-for-profit-is-forced-to-donate-them-to-charity.html#:~:text=Matt%20Colvin%20told%20The%20New%20York%20Times%20that,%E2%80%9CIt%20was%20crazy%20money%2C%22%20Matt%20Colvin%2C%2036%2C%20said.

    So afterwards public events were shut down, and school started closing. Another funny thing that happened was a fake news story came out, talking about how toilet papper was contaminated with the virus, and people bought stores out of toilet paper; some people bought more toilet than they would normally buy in a year. I wrote a post about this:


    Another thing that was put out was farmer started killing livestock. I don’t know what the full story behind this is.


    There was also stores closing, or only offering essential goods. This is understandable, since people were thinking a plague was going down, when in fact, this wasn’t the case. Lottery tickets were still being sold, in places where they were only selling essential goods.

    Also everyone had to start wearing mask when they were out in public. And large gatherings and social distancing became a must, while riots and protest were safe.

    People became unemployed because of this.

    The funniest part was Bill Gates getting involved. You can tell he doesn’t really care but pushes vaccines anyway. Bill Gates & Barack Obama released a docuseries on Netflix called PANDEMIC in January right before the Wuhan virus was ‘discovered.‘  The docuseries pushed the need for the Gates’ Foundation to receive funding to carry on virus research to prevent the next PANDEMIC! Bill Gates funded the Wuhan lab in China that released the Wuhan virus. Bill Gates’ was a member of China’s Academy of Sciences who built the lab and he was awarded their highest honor. The Wuhan virus was originally developed at the University of North Carolina by NIH grants approved by the Obama administration in 2012. The NIH defunded the UNC research in 2016 so the Communist Chinese scientists left UNC and took their work to the NEWLY BUILT Wuhan lab in 2017 funded by Gates & pals. The head of the Harvard Chemistry department, with ties to Gates and Epstein, was arrested for accepting bribes from the Communists. Did Epstein know what was coming? The Pirbright Institute, funded by Bill Gates, owns the “patent “on the Coronavirus genetic sequencing. They did simulation testing on a global PANDEMIC In 2018. Bill Gates & Barack Obama docuseries marketed the need for a global “universal “vaccine to replace all other flu vaccines. I believe it Will be designed to deliver a human chip via nanotechnology. 12,469 people in the US died of H1N1 flu (from Mexico) under Obama in 2009, many 0! them children, because he wanted 6 months to do anything & never closed the border. The media said nothing about fatalities from mm but is creating a huge panic around the 20 US deaths from the Wuhan virus to destroy the US economy before the election. Over 36,000 people in the US have died from the common flu this year and the media says NOTHING about that but is creating a huge panic around the 20 US deaths from the Wuhan virus.

    Some of the Democrat governors even blocked a medication that worked, called hydroxychloroquine. The only reason they did this was because Trump said it worked. There were also stories of test kits for the Corona virus coming back as contaminated when they were not even used. Also, people have reported feeling sick after they got tested, while they were healthy before.

    The worse part of this whole thing was the people who died, because of poor choices. Governors spent no time mandating new laws in all the chaos. Some of these laws lead to the death of many people. It might sound weird, but many liberal governors sent sick patients to nursing homes, and the elderly who were more susceptible to death by the virus got infected. This is how most of the people died from the corona virus. This happened in New York when they had a hospital ship, in their possession.

    This just goes to show how far they took the corona virus meme, to control the masses with a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

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    Converting in Real Life Objects, to be Used for Meme War 

    A lot of the tactics I’ve discussed on this blog have been tailored to the idea, of using the internet to spread ideas, meme, and other forms of propaganda. But we need to know we are not limited to just using the internet. It is also possible to convert real life objects to be used, and by simple technique too. Most people would all this advertising, or vandalism, but both can be used for memeing.

    The vandalism can be used to spread a meme. One of the most recent examples I can think of is BLM slogans painted on roads where people travel and see them. This helps BLM get the word out about their movement and helps spread the meme of how black lives matter. Most people wouldn’t consider this vandalism, but they also use graffiti to share their message too. In a sense BLM is just using existing structures to make memes on to change the mind of other people. Putting a sticker of a meme you want to promote, is another good way to share a meme.

    Another thing people can use to meme are make business cards or poster of things they want to push. All you need to do is put them where people will see them, and make them worthy of people attentions, so they will remember it and share the idea. Most people would call this advertising, but in fact it is just another way to share a meme. There are a lot of different ways to make real life memes.

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