Been Raided?

At first it sucks, but then you get used to it.  Sometimes it people spamming comments or trying to use memes to shut you down.  More recently people have relied on reporting and having people shut down by mods. My guess is that in the future they will use raids where they report people to mods to shut down the competition. This has been the only way people have been able to silence people…by reporting them.

Simple fix

  • Ban the individual who you suspect is doing the raiding.
  • Use an alternative site.
  • Convince the mod that they are, or the raider is wrong.

People have been getting furiously attacked by the left and our post are taken out because the signal-to-noise ratio. Anything they do has been absolutely obliterated by the mods trying to push for their left-wing agenda. This will continue to escalate all the way until (and likely past) the next election, so it’s up to you to make good enough posts that you’re clearly differentiated from the shills so you don’t get lumped in with all the other spammer and raiders.

As far as racist and homophobia are concerned these are the two biggest exploits raider use to take someone down. People will obviously turn what ever you say, and call it hate speech just to get what ever you said taken down. The extensive power of the owner shit and staff of the owner will always out way what ever power anyone else can supply. Regardless, you should never give up trolling and memeing online, but be aware there are more people who are more powerful than you. The ability to rebuild and reinstate yourself are more important than you know.

A great deal of these raider is paid off by groups like Soro’s and others. However, there are some that think that reporting and raiding other people are their mission from god. Especially with BLM and ANTIFA stepping up their game, it feels like no one is safe from raid attacks. Go look at ADL they just called any insults against ANTIFA hate speech. I understand that most people think lowly of them.  The sad part of that is all the big tech companies don’t respect your opinions or don’t care what you have to say, they can easily silence you. You can tell the truth, but as someone is able to call what ever you say. there are some people who deeply care about humans’ rights, and there are some who are just angry at people, and take the energy, and apply it to raiding. Some of them are sneaky and dishonest, and don’t even care if they use information they obtained to go as far as to get people tired. From my evaluations, it is clear to me that some of these people go too far for too little.   

That being said, I think raids are a n important part of the online scene when it comes to trolling, so this does seem like something that people should respect and learn about, since it is part of the way people actually fight online.

We all know people who have been insulted, but a lot of people don’t have any idea on how to deal with them. How do you deal with a few people insulting you, and counter that, in such a way most people will look at the original attacker as a loser? People express anger and hate all the time, but to conquer it, the best thing to do is make a funny meme out of it. The first thing to do when someone gives you hate or start arguing, is to remain calm, but keep them going. It is important to catch them embarrassing themselves. You need to catch them embarrassing themselves, or look at information they made public, which will help you make fun and make a meme about them. Once they embarrass them selves and it becomes comedic, the next step is to share the conversation and make it public, so other people can join in on the fun. This way you have the upper hand while your crowd grows. It’s important to make sure that you do not look bad, and that you’re able to stay truthful. This is basically one big social club, and other people who are invited can easily come and insult you. But if you have other groups of likeminded people, and a reasonable yet funny, you should have an easy time with the counter raid.

Another problem people have is being reported. There is certainly a lot of bad stuff on the internet, but so people will report you for being ProTrump or disagreeing with CNN. There is honestly not much you can do here. It’s also been demonstrated that stuff worse than insults have remained online longer, such as child abuse and human trafficking. Yes, this is the case, usually it takes multiple people to report on human traffic stuff, while it only takes about one person reporting something that is considered racist, to get it taken down. Funny how this happens, and they say there is no agenda. The main reason people use reporting and community standers like this, is because people are trying to silence the opposition.

Some people think their brave, and will go so far as too, take the persons comments and post and share them with the poster employer, and other people who are associated with them. They claim they are doing good when they ruin someone’s life over something they said. They claim to be part of the solution when in return they ruin the case and point for their cause, by their evil acts. The literally use the information you post to ruin your life. They contact who ever you work for, and basically argue that you should be fired. One good thing to do about this, is to make sure your profile is a s secure or possible. You could even put fake information on there about your employer, so they can’t get you fired. It’s even easier if you choose to put an employer that, that is in a different location, with many employees. Also, most social media sites don’t verify this information anyway.

There is an easier way to deal with raiders. All you must do is block and not even deal with them. I would say for most people, this would be their best bet for when they get raided. But make no mistake, this isn’t as fun. It also does allow for any way of counteracting being raided. So, if you feel like you can’t defend yourself, just hit that block button. If you can deal with it for a little bit, and be safe, I would find a better way to deal with them.

Everyone knows that there are always people looking for a fight online. Look at anyone who post anything political when they leave it public. It’s always a battle for speech. If your ideology is correct, then people will leave you alone, but everyone knows, you can’t please everyone. Most people just keep all their questionable ideologies to themselves. They do this just to avoid problems, yet this make social media and online interactions.

Technology will always be changing, and so how we communicate. Human nature doesn’t. People will always find news ways to fight with each other. This is not going to change, and people will take the fight to social media.

You might understand memes, but you don’t understand your own society