UN, a Common Enemy Bringing Everyone Together.

I’m going to assume everyone here knows about the United Nations. It seems that almost everyone hates the UN (United Nations), from Jews in Israel to the Alt-Right. It seems that the only people who have any respect for the UN, are the elite and people who are stupid enough to listen to them. I think it is remarkably interesting when looking at the UN as a common enemy, because it seems like hating the UN could be common ground for a lot of people.

Something else that is interesting to note is that there are only two types of propaganda we see about the UN. The first type points out how hypocritical the UN, while the other points out how the UN could be the hero the world need.

Example of Anti-UN memes:

There are actually a lot more, but this one is just my favorite.

Examples of the UN being made out to be a possible hero.

When ever you here about the left trying to do anything in America, the always throw the idea of sending in the UN to “help.”

Here’s one about having them disarm the police:

Floyd Family Petitions UN To Help “Disarm” United States Police

Here’s another about some more lies about COVID:


Here they are talking about Gun Control policies aimed at America.


Here they are talking bad about a peaceful 2A protest in Virginia.