How to Use a Bumper Sticker to Win

This is for educational use only

Usually when people think of memes, they think of just internet memes, and images. But there are other types of memes. One of these are bumper stickers. We all seen these on the back of cars, and other places too. Most of these people use bumper stickers, to express something about themselves. There have been a lot of violence against right winged supporters for quite some time.

One thing that has happened is an attack by groups like ANTIFA on vehicles with pro Trump stickers, or anything patriotic. This is sad, but it does make you wonder if this allows for a theorical psyop. I believe it does. It wouldn’t take much for someone to go here: and buy some stickers, that might not be liked by the left, and stick it on people’s cars who are in liberal hot beds. The hard-left protestors would be likely to attack the car, with out even realizing, that the driver of the car isn’t republican. It’s very possible to use this technique to get people on the left to attack and hurt each other. Even a swastika or confederate flag might do the trick

Another thing you could is get a thin blue line sticker and put it on your car. This way police are more likely to be nice to you.

In away bumper stickers can express anything you want.