Conforming as a Non-Conformist

If you analyze modern-day left-wing propaganda, there is a certain element of conforming to be a non-conformist. Look at how the music industry, and other forms of media tell people to be themselves, but at the same time tell people to act a certain way. It does not take much to realize that the people are part of a system of control when they enter these anarchist or hippie groups. It seems like all the people who tell you to be yourself and be accepting, are the first to yell at you when you don’t follow their beliefs.

One place this element of conformity, is most relevant is in ANTIFA. ANTIFA calls them selves’ anarchist, but it’s funny to note, that when they control an area, they create the biggest police state. Another interesting thing they do is they preach acceptance, but as soon as they find out you don’t follow their bazar ideology, they beat and sometimes murder people. Even in BLM the demand equality, but some, not all, hate on whites. Some will get angry at you if you say, “All lives matter,” but they are trying to fight racism.

Everything they believe in is preached on MSN and CNN, two of the biggest media corporations. While these media outlets feed them and the rest of the nation, they call themselves the counterculture.