Catch Phrases, the Memes Before the Internet

Long before the Internet, when I was in middle-school I would come up with catchy “capsules” for ideas. A phrase that invokes many cultural references and conveys an idea potently. I was frequently the starter of memes that would go around school, and on occasion they would spread to most of the city’s youth sometimes. When I pointed out that I started some trend, no one would believe me. Rather than try to prove it and wondering if it was true that I was merely repeating a meme (which sometimes were uttered by accident and took off anyway). I began to research. Before I would spread what is now known as a meme (but mine were verbal). I would look for it in the library, microfilm archives, etc. Then I would ask people if they had heard the statement – those who are good listeners and would rarely repeat things. Sometimes years later I would look up some popular catch phrase and sometimes find that famous people had uttered it.

Here is an example, of some that where used on TV shows, and became famous catch phrases.