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  • Anonymous 2:10 am on June 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Jogger Meme 

    I want to cover some aspects of a racist meme. I know race tensions are high, but there is a new term to describe black people. This word is “Jogger.” This is meme came in late February, early March of 2020, after the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Ahmaud Arbery was black, and was out jogging, when he was murdered. Since he was black and was jogging, the word jogger was used as a slur to call black people. It also rhymes with another word for black people. It also sounds low key and original. You can also easily use it in memes since it is somewhat comedic. You can see how the word was use I know it’s racist, and it is interesting to see how a meme like this did develop.

    ADDS THAT THE AP HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO VERIFY THE SOURCE OF THE VIDEO – This image from video posted on Twitter Tuesday, May 5, 2020, purports to show Ahmaud Arbery stumbling and falling to the ground after being shot as Travis McMichael stands by holding a shotgun in a neighborhood outside Brunswick, Ga., on Feb. 23, 2020. The AP has not been able to verify the source of the video. (Twitter via AP)

    Sorry if I offended anyone, but this is educational, not racist.

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    College Memes 

    Schooling and a college are one of the biggest areas people encounter memes, with and with out them even realizing it. This place we encounter memes, and some people have taken advantage of this. Most people don’t realize how much power controlling the school system. Just like people online say, “He who controls the memes, controls the universe” must look at the schooling system the same way.

    When people are young, we have a thirst for knowledge. Most of what we base our idea and standers on are ingrained on us in our early years of school. If you ever notice in school districts, that are run by democrats, there is more of a left winged agenda pushed. While schools that are private, maintain a higher degree of quality of knowledge, at their schools.

    When we are all leaving high school, most people are pushed toward military of college. I always found this interesting because college has become the most popular option. This is also in part because it is pushed by the mainstream media, to look like something fun and like a time to party. I found this interesting because most student out of high school seem to have no interest into going into the trades. It seems more like people don’t know about them, at this age, or are even pushed away from them. I think the trades are a great choice for many people. They require less time in school and cost less to go to. There are also more jobs and less people to fill them, so the job market is more open. Trade jobs also pay a lot better than people think. But people still go to college mostly because they are told to.

    Another thing that happens when they go to college is sometimes, people pick useless majors, like art, philosophy, and gender studies. Even though someone might find these areas of study interesting, the truth is there is no work in any of these fields. This is something almost none of these people are told before they join. Even being lawyer is hard to do unless you know someone who’s well established in the field. Most people when picking majors, aren’t really given much insight, besides “College is Good.” How about all the medical or science majors, who can’t finish the degree, because the material is too tough. But a one-year machine tool tech certificate, basically lands someone a career job after graduating. These are factors that most people don’t look at when they are looking at colleges.

    Another thing that happens is people rack up debt. This is because getting a student loan is way to easy, and people think that even though they know they must pay it back after graduation, they might not have a job that pays well enough. After people get into debt, it is hard for them to get out, and it just keeps on compounding. Some people fail out, and still carry the debt with them.

    I am not saying school is bad, for some people it could be one of the best choices they can make. For other they are miss guided into making a bad decision, that only haunts them later. Something that everyone who attends school should know, is that college is a large area of ideas. Some ideas are right, and some are wrong. We need to make sure that we are not led by false ideas about college, and schooling in general. It is hard when we are that young and on our own.

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    The Legend of Kek 

    Most people who have study internet legend, 4chan, or even the alt-right, have heard the word “kek” being used at least once. There’s even a fake country named Kekistan, but that’s just meme culture. Little do people know, that the story of Kek goes back much further than just the beginning of the internet age. Kek was one of the first gods in ancient Egyptian mythology and has evolved to take on different definitions and meanings.

    The ancient Egyptian myth goes:

    The Egyptians believed that before the world was formed, there was a watery mass of dark, directionless chaos. In this chaos lived the Ogdoad of Khmunu (Hermopolis), four frog gods and four snake goddesses of chaos. These deities were Nun and Naunet (water), Amun and Amaunet (invisibility), Heh and Hauhet (infinity) and Kek and Kauket (darkness). The chaos existed without the light, and thus Kek and Kauket came to represent this darkness. They also symbolized obscurity, the kind of obscurity that went with darkness, and night.

    The Ogdoad were the original great gods of Iunu (On, Heliopolis) where they were thought to have helped with creation, then died and retired to the land of the dead where they continued to make the Nile flow and the sun rise every day.

    Kek (Kuk, Keku) means darkness. He was the god of the darkness of chaos, the darkness before time began. He was the god of obscurity, hidden in the darkness. The Egyptians saw the nighttime, the time without the light of the sun, as a reflection of this chaotic darkness.

    As a god of the night, Kek was also related to the day – he was called the “bringer-in of the light”. This seems to mean that he was responsible for the time of night that came just before sunrise. The god of the hours before day dawned over the land of Egypt. This was the twilight which gave birth to the sun.


    My personal interpretation of the story, compared to modern society:

    Kek is associated with the 4chan, alt-right, and meme. He makes for great legends, and also is somewhat relatable to Pepe the frog, and other frog memes, since Kek was also a frog. Even with a fake country known as Kekistan, it’s not hard to look at this as nothing more than a joke. I think that there are different ways to look, at this story, but this is mine.

    The first way I view the legend of Kek being used today is with the story of darkness. We might not see a frog take away the darkness, but it becomes a lot more interesting when you compare darkness to cancel culture and censor ship. To be honest before the internet, we were living in an age of darkness when it came to informational darkness. It is easy to see how the internet has brought everyone together and made information more accessible. We have access to more information now than ever before, and it seems that more news stories are debunk by the internet than anything else. Just look at the whole Jeff Epstein story. This brings a new meaning of light to the whole world of information.

    There is still censorship and cancel culture, which is a big problem these days, which in a sense is another form of darkness. There are also people being silence, on the internet, just for having a different opinion than the status quo. Having stuff being banded and taken down, even if it’s true, is another form of darkness, in the new age of the internet.

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    Useful Link for Some People 

    It might be beneficial to look at this website, that give a little insight into popular memes. I know this is more beneficial to a boomer or someone that does understand memes, but I rather teach a man to fish, than to watch him starve.

    This site goes into meme theory, like this site. It talks more about what memes are popular, and says a summary about them. It’s slightly cringed, having to summarize memes, but just as we are all smart in our own way, we are also stupid in different ways too. Maybe this website will be useful for someone.


  • Anonymous 11:53 am on June 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Bronys are Nazis 

    If you don’t know what a brony is, it’s an adult who is into “My Little Pony.” “My Little Pony” is a cartoon series for little kids, but some adults have taken an interest in this show too. They call themselves bronys and their fan base started around 2010, on 4chan. It has just come out, from the Atlantic that bronys might have Nazi problems.


    This is interesting to see the two come together, since Nazis are not supposed to be an accepting crowd. When it comes to bronys, they have theme of tolerance and LBGTQP+, not really what the Nazis would be into. It is not uncommon to see some from the LBGTQP+ community use a picture of a character from my little pony as profile picture. Even people who are into bestiality and cross play, are bronys. I really don’t think the Nazis associate with bronys.

  • Anonymous 2:36 am on June 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Meme Mutations vs Origin 

    Some time ago, I got into interest trolling and memes, I saw them as useful tools for the field of social engineering, as well as the basis for human interaction. I wanted to a way to share my research and my finding, but I didn’t want to just paste stuff online, so I started this blog to cover the use of memes and the science behind. I didn’t really know if anyone would be interested in it. It seemed like a good subject to, since memes and trolling are almost commonplace for anyone, who’s on social media. At the same time people don’t look at memeing or trolling as anything serious, yet it can be an effective tool, that have been around longer than most people know.

    One thing most people don’t seem to grasp is most memes, are mutations, of something another meme that’s already exist. They do have an original background, but for them to survive they need to mutate.

    A meme is any piece of information that self-replicates and mutates. By this definition, any piece of information can be a meme, from a random string of numbers to an epic poem. But not every random string of numbers is a meme. This is because memes operate on a spectrum based on the information’s tendency both to replicate and to mutate. Most of all information does not tend to replicate and does not tend to mutate. Therefore, most information has an exceptionally low capacity to become a meme. The information that tends to spread and t.ends to mutate is mostly that which is interesting, that which is entertaining, and that which is important. The memes, both ancient and modern, that survived to this day are overwhelmingly those which are important.

    Ancient memes that survived until the present don’t much resemble modern ones, at least, the ones that manifested as technology. Memes based on importance, or “memes of import”, are either always or almost always new technologies. The first hominid who rubbed two sticks together and showed a second hominid started the meme of fire. This technological meme of import would spread like, well, wildfire, among these hominids until just about everyone knew about it. At this point, fire as a meme died. Its spread was no longer automatic, but rather was taught to children by fathers. The same happened to almost all technology. Technological memes have a near-definite birth, life, and death. The death of the meme does not mean the loss of the technology.

    More modern memes, in the age where aggregate information can be freely exchanged, will almost always be entertaining or interesting memes. The only reason I distinguish them is because not every interesting thing is entertaining, and not every entertaining thing is particularly interesting. Most pseudoscience claims and all image macros (scumbag steve, rage comics, etc.) are such memes. Because humans revisit interesting and entertaining information, these memes don’t experience a firm death like memes of import. Instead, these memes are always in competition with each other over which ones get attention in the mind of the individual, because only the memes in ones focus have the opportunity to either be replicated (as a parrot does language) or mutated. Thus, an entertaining/interesting meme only dies when there’s no more mindlessly.

    Not all memes are created equal. Your brilliantly insightful and hilarious meme will likely never spread nearly as far as badgers chasing hamburgers or some thot embarrassing herself. Why might this be? Here the conjecture gets a little denser, so pls no bully. When certain conditions are met for a meme, seeming to me to include having no text and having an iconic figure at the center, then the meme takes on other qualities beyond being interesting, entertaining, and important. When the right conditions are met, the meme begins to pander to the individual’s psychology. In the case of one meme, the meme calls back to an archetype.

    Pepe is my pet example of a meme that interacts with an archetype. The ultimate source of all pepes was a comic by a no-name artist in which there was a smiling frog that says, “feels good man”. The comic didn’t spread very far and didn’t tend to mutate. The frog head was cropped out, but still said “feels good man”. This frog named pepe was still not a meme, as it did not tend to mutate. The first version of this frog that I would call a meme would be when his smile was turned upside down and he said, “Feels bad man”. This was the first one (as I understand it) that really started spreading and started mutating. The most popular mutation lead to the other popular forms. The first “pepe” that wasn’t just from that comic was the sad pepe. The sad pepe mutated, creating the smug pepe and the furiously reclusive fucking normies reeee pepe. The smug pepe itself mutated to give rise to the autistic gbp pepe. In my own autistic musings, I noticed something. The trickster archetype, manifested as loki, eris, and other gods of various pantheons, when caught in a trick by one with the power to punish, becomes greatly depressed at even a scolding. When the trickster is not caught or is caught only by those who are powerless against him/her, the trickster gets anime girl levels of smug. There are occasions at which the trickster may cross a line too great and is cast out from society. To a being so greatly wounded by a verbal rebuke, total rejection is absolutely devastating. As a defense mechanism, the trickster doubles down, and chooses to make the rejection mutual. The autistic gbp frog is the trickster in a permanent state of having tricked those who cannot or will not rebuke him. This is how a meme may relate to an archetype.

  • Anonymous 12:01 am on June 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    When Your Motto Doesn’t Translate Well 

    It has come to my attention that most people on the left, aren’t really concern with how their mottos translates. If your modo does translate well, it can be easily counteracted.

    My favorite is #MeToo. Who ever thought of this, didn’t really think about how the hashtag sign, is also called pound. This turns their saying, #MeToo into “Pound me too.” It’s also funny how the Me-Too movement didn’t want to be treated as sexual objects, yet they wear pussy hats and some even went so far as to dress up like female genitalia.

    Another funny thing is black live matter is doing this same thing. They are out in the streets fighting for equality. And some people have started saying the motto “All Live Matters.” Some protesters have called this hate full and even said that this motto (all live matter) is racist and not true. There are some protestor even calling out for white genocide and eugenics. They don’t realize this at first, but there mottos don’t translate to anything tolerant. Look at this picture and read about what Haiti did to other races in 1804.

  • Anonymous 11:13 am on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Mainstream Media Looses 

    It has come to my attention that on many times, the media will screw them selves over. If you ever follow a news story look at the first few stories that come out, and then look at how these big stories end. This has happened plenty of times, and it makes for good counter arguments online.

    Probably the most famous example would be the Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself meme. On the day of his it was ruled that he committed suicide, yet reports came out making, that made the scene look sketchy. Soon after people were talking about how it was a set up with the “Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes. It sound came out that this was true.

    There is the story of the Russian, where there was no evidence put forward to support this claim. It’s crazy to look back at everyone believing in it, and then what we saw during the muller report. Another notably thing was the story with Stormy Daniels, and then the fact she had to pay Trump back, while her lawyer wasted in jail. What about what happened with impeachment.

    There are very few stories, that don’t have details change throughout time after they are initially released.

    Look at the amount of people who hear and learn about a story when it is first release, compared to how many people follow it, and watch it die out. It seems like most people only care to hear about the story when it is first release. News reporters can lie and using a tricked called anchoring they can cement a false truth into someone’s head without them knowing. Therefore, in meme warfare, it’s important to get to the story first. This is one of the reasons why television was superior to newspaper, and why the internet is superior to tv, because it faster.

    For those of you that don’t know, newspaper, radio, and tv, are mind control devices; that might sound scary, but the it true. Look at project mockingbird. I mean they even have an ex-agent on CNN who was part of that program. You can tell they push an agenda, just by looking at how they cover Trump. They focus on all his negative aspects while, never reporting on any of his successes. Is Trump winning, we never hear about that, only about how he’s messing up. The most important job for mainstream media, is to convince you of what they want you to think. One of their biggest goals, is taking a real-life story, and attaching some message that they want people to believe. It is a big misconception that mind control is a secret technology. Its too easy for someone with enough influence to reconstruct a narrative, to fit an agenda. The mainstream media does this for almost every topic.

    This mean if you can expect to see lies, in a most mainstream media news stories, if you spend enough time investigating. This makes for good meme material to counter the argument, because all you must is point out their lies, to ruin their narrative.

    Hollywood and the rest of the mainstream media have been part of the meme war, for quite sometimes. They just never said anything about it, but for the first time, normal people are able to jump in thanks to social media, and the use of the internet.

  • Anonymous 12:01 am on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    ADL & Friends uses ANTIFA to Shoot Themselves in the Foot. 

    The Anti-Defamation League or ADL is a group that is dedicated to fighting antisemitism. This group has been going downhill for quite some time. It seems like every month there is a something new that is on ADL’s list of things and groups considered hate speech. But they did something no one was expecting. The called for anything said negative about ANTIFA “Hate Speech.”


    Most people hate antifa, and 49% of people consider ANTIFA a terrorist organization. They are known to do violence acts to civilians when they get together, and they also do a lot of property damage when they are in the area. The list goes on and on about all the illegal and other stuff they do.


    How ever this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise; the UN just had to take down a tweet where they where praising and supporting ANTIFA

  • Anonymous 12:02 pm on June 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Been Raided? 

    At first it sucks, but then you get used to it.  Sometimes it people spamming comments or trying to use memes to shut you down.  More recently people have relied on reporting and having people shut down by mods. My guess is that in the future they will use raids where they report people to mods to shut down the competition. This has been the only way people have been able to silence people…by reporting them.

    Simple fix

    • Ban the individual who you suspect is doing the raiding.
    • Use an alternative site.
    • Convince the mod that they are, or the raider is wrong.

    People have been getting furiously attacked by the left and our post are taken out because the signal-to-noise ratio. Anything they do has been absolutely obliterated by the mods trying to push for their left-wing agenda. This will continue to escalate all the way until (and likely past) the next election, so it’s up to you to make good enough posts that you’re clearly differentiated from the shills so you don’t get lumped in with all the other spammer and raiders.

    As far as racist and homophobia are concerned these are the two biggest exploits raider use to take someone down. People will obviously turn what ever you say, and call it hate speech just to get what ever you said taken down. The extensive power of the owner shit and staff of the owner will always out way what ever power anyone else can supply. Regardless, you should never give up trolling and memeing online, but be aware there are more people who are more powerful than you. The ability to rebuild and reinstate yourself are more important than you know.

    A great deal of these raider is paid off by groups like Soro’s and others. However, there are some that think that reporting and raiding other people are their mission from god. Especially with BLM and ANTIFA stepping up their game, it feels like no one is safe from raid attacks. Go look at ADL they just called any insults against ANTIFA hate speech. I understand that most people think lowly of them.  The sad part of that is all the big tech companies don’t respect your opinions or don’t care what you have to say, they can easily silence you. You can tell the truth, but as someone is able to call what ever you say. there are some people who deeply care about humans’ rights, and there are some who are just angry at people, and take the energy, and apply it to raiding. Some of them are sneaky and dishonest, and don’t even care if they use information they obtained to go as far as to get people tired. From my evaluations, it is clear to me that some of these people go too far for too little.   

    That being said, I think raids are a n important part of the online scene when it comes to trolling, so this does seem like something that people should respect and learn about, since it is part of the way people actually fight online.

    We all know people who have been insulted, but a lot of people don’t have any idea on how to deal with them. How do you deal with a few people insulting you, and counter that, in such a way most people will look at the original attacker as a loser? People express anger and hate all the time, but to conquer it, the best thing to do is make a funny meme out of it. The first thing to do when someone gives you hate or start arguing, is to remain calm, but keep them going. It is important to catch them embarrassing themselves. You need to catch them embarrassing themselves, or look at information they made public, which will help you make fun and make a meme about them. Once they embarrass them selves and it becomes comedic, the next step is to share the conversation and make it public, so other people can join in on the fun. This way you have the upper hand while your crowd grows. It’s important to make sure that you do not look bad, and that you’re able to stay truthful. This is basically one big social club, and other people who are invited can easily come and insult you. But if you have other groups of likeminded people, and a reasonable yet funny, you should have an easy time with the counter raid.

    Another problem people have is being reported. There is certainly a lot of bad stuff on the internet, but so people will report you for being ProTrump or disagreeing with CNN. There is honestly not much you can do here. It’s also been demonstrated that stuff worse than insults have remained online longer, such as child abuse and human trafficking. Yes, this is the case, usually it takes multiple people to report on human traffic stuff, while it only takes about one person reporting something that is considered racist, to get it taken down. Funny how this happens, and they say there is no agenda. The main reason people use reporting and community standers like this, is because people are trying to silence the opposition.

    Some people think their brave, and will go so far as too, take the persons comments and post and share them with the poster employer, and other people who are associated with them. They claim they are doing good when they ruin someone’s life over something they said. They claim to be part of the solution when in return they ruin the case and point for their cause, by their evil acts. The literally use the information you post to ruin your life. They contact who ever you work for, and basically argue that you should be fired. One good thing to do about this, is to make sure your profile is a s secure or possible. You could even put fake information on there about your employer, so they can’t get you fired. It’s even easier if you choose to put an employer that, that is in a different location, with many employees. Also, most social media sites don’t verify this information anyway.

    There is an easier way to deal with raiders. All you must do is block and not even deal with them. I would say for most people, this would be their best bet for when they get raided. But make no mistake, this isn’t as fun. It also does allow for any way of counteracting being raided. So, if you feel like you can’t defend yourself, just hit that block button. If you can deal with it for a little bit, and be safe, I would find a better way to deal with them.

    Everyone knows that there are always people looking for a fight online. Look at anyone who post anything political when they leave it public. It’s always a battle for speech. If your ideology is correct, then people will leave you alone, but everyone knows, you can’t please everyone. Most people just keep all their questionable ideologies to themselves. They do this just to avoid problems, yet this make social media and online interactions.

    Technology will always be changing, and so how we communicate. Human nature doesn’t. People will always find news ways to fight with each other. This is not going to change, and people will take the fight to social media.

    You might understand memes, but you don’t understand your own society

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