Meme Tactical Units

I’m not saying or implying that we should have a leader.  But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have some units or something like that (even if it is just a meme itself and not practically used). Like completely arbitrary units that are assigned to topics instead of having Anons assigned to them.

As in:

Everyone one does what they are good at. Some people are good at research, not just googleing, but going   through videos forum and documents. Some people are good at making content and media work. Some people, like your truly, are better at sharing and publishing, in the sense they know how to get the word out to a larger than average group of viewers.

I think there are different roles to be played. Some people simply generate conceptual material and loose claylike idea genesis while others design, implement through hosts, and a further regurgitation and cycling of the material in and through itself. Less of an emphasis on creating and implementing strict ideas, more of an emphasis on freeform material globalization matriculating repeatedly in a process. But that’s just what I would call the globalizer unit probably.

Just find what your good at. Then find a group of people who you can coordinate with.