First Step to Using Memes to Influence

I’ve seen too many people try thinking about what memes to spread and use, but what you’re doing is putting the cart before the horse. is a very small website with very few people compared to the other large media sites. In order to be able to use meme magic or influence with memes in general, you need to first spread the meta meme of us having that power in the first place! We ought to first be focusing on how to popularize dank meme magics in trusted, smaller groups before trying to do anything. Stuff like how good troll groups work, government interest in memes as propaganda, and the general examples of memes influencing reality ought to be distilled into meme form so we may first grow in power!

Memetics I feel is not particularly magical, although “Magic” may be a useful metaphor to help craft the philosophy outlined in this blog series.   I think the dissemination of memes into the public sphere a (i.e. memes designed to subvert growing insanity in society) is our best step forwards. If we can humorously (it has to be humor conveyed or the memes won’t catch on) put memes into society, which quietly contest the narratives of MSM, while maintaining esotericism in our own ranks. We can do a great deal here. That said… it will not be easy, and I do not think psychic phenomena are real and ought to be relied upon.

In addition, I feel subversive and subtlety are our best tools. Memes that mock and deride current narratives, in a palatable and comedic sense are our best tool. We need to manipulate “the normies” a little in a slightly la-li-lu-le-lo manner. By providing new contexts, we can show up the ludicrousness of the world’s growing insanity, by using these methods to establish widespread societal sanity. We have to be the patriots.