Meme Research

We need to do this properly. As with any research, we need to record things. We need to prove that the memes have broken into real life.

So I think we should be documenting all instances of real life memes before anything else.

Back in 57′ the USA developed the U-2 Spy plane to spy over the USSR. The USSR was able to track these, and then in 1960, shoot one down. This was only because the USSR did research into the U-2. Saw how it flew, and made a missile that could shoot that high. After that the USA did research in another aircraft and develop a plain called the SR-71. If you look at the American spy plain industry, it is all about research.

After that, we should all participate in one experiment. This would be the basis of future research and if successful, would be verifyable proof that the introduction of virtual memes into the real dimension can be done.

What do you think?

How would you even track them? Once they get off an imageboard you can’t run analytics on them. In the case of Corona, the strength could be correlated to how much it was reported within a certain time period. Use google analytics to track how often people are searching for things, I’m sure that there is an equivalent that does a search of what people are posting. Is anyone here able to program a search engine that tracks memes? We could identify memes as they arise by spikes in previously unique word usage.

We should also do a control group meme.  Something straight forward but unlikely. Something comical even maybe. Meme it.

See if it happens.  This will be our marker.  If it works later on we will be strengthened with renewed. Vigor in our efforts to churn out a weaponized redpill meme. I don’t think it would work if we started from nothing, a complete abstraction would have no roots. A better experiment would be to take a budding meme and nurture it so that it grows.

When I think of the basic idea we have I think two things

The ultimate meme for us to create, considering the school of thought that what we are creating in doing this are actual gods of sorts, is ‘god of truth-man meme’ and conjure up a force that forces the truth to the surface to be seen by all and defeat lies.

Or if, what we are doing has nothing to do with creating a God but simply bending the fabric of reality through thought for a short period to bring about change, then the ultimate meme to work on would be ‘crashing all the planes, fires rising and the corrupt rich being tossed in them. In either case at the same time we should make a simple meme.  Something that could prove to us that there is credibility in this idea.  The meme should contain the wording or imagery or attitude which would conjure up the result. It would have to be something that is newsworthy so we will know it happened.  I’d like to stay away from crashing more planes for now but who am I to argue with the hive mind from whence this meme will form.

How about a symbol representing life itself. It includes truth, beauty and goodness, necessarily. We could even co-opt vision from the latest marvel film since his stated morality is to promote life.

The universe is full of patterns that appear in everything, like the Golden Spiral or Fibonacci sequence. The only reason a meme would catch on is because of a property of the meme itself, either its truth value or its aesthetic quality. The only reason a meme would catch on is because of a property of the meme itself, either its truth value or its aesthetic quality.

We need to start from nothing because we need to isolate what exactly it is that gives memes power. Is it something to do with the picture itself? Is it the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are thinking about the same thing? Is it both? We need to test these all individually to find out.