Don’t want it to get too popular and get discovered.

As soon as we get more than a few hundred followers, you’ll attract attention from enemies. I can see the headlines already

“Internet trolls are organizing to manupliate us with Racist, Sexist memes”

And even worse, they will post here and false flag us, then screen-cap the false flags to make us look even worse.

We must be so subtle anyway that our best memes are going to be undetectable to the plebs. Also, normies don’t keep up on internet business so they will just be eating up the memes regardless of where they come from.

These newbees don’t seem to understand that the more they spam our board, the more they open the flood gates for SJW/marxists/leftists/shills. We’re trying to stay off the radar and guide the memes from the shadows, not become some gay shit like Anonymous that will quickly get overrun by marxists who will ultimately destroy it from the inside-out. These newbs who think this is another habbo hotel raid “like the old fags talked about” and want to recruit 5000 people are exactly the result of you faggots advertising in the first place. There is no need to advertise, those who are worthy of joining our cause are destined to find us on their own. All you attract by advertising is 12-year-old kids looking to “be a part of some secret club”, where they will shitpost for a few weeks and hop onto the next “3301” bandwagon, if we’re lucky.

More does NOT equal better. A couple dozen dedicated people is all we need. Swarms of retards will not help a cause; it will only bring chaos and destruction to whatever we set out to do.  At best we can make a separate forum or page to send all the retard swarms to, which we control without them contaminating our board.