Corona Virus and the Toilet Paper Sell Buy Out.

In December/January a new illness emerged from the city of Wuhan China, known as COVID19 or Corona. There where many people who were afraid of this diseas. In short it was mild respiratory infection, it’s literally in the same family as a type of common cold. Anyway people got nervous and scared. To be honest the media made a bigger hype out of this than anything. Store even began running out of supplies, like dusk mask, bleach, hand santizer, and water.

One other anomaly was people buying up large quantities of toilet paper. This is where it all started:

A rumor started that toilet paper was infected. People in panic went to the stores and bought as much as they could hoard. People saw this and feared that they would be running out of toilet paper too. Before you knew it everyone was buying toilet paper in panic. The heard mentality kicked in a people started buying it up. Soon the stores where out of newspaper. Mind you the covid19 infection only effected the respiratory system, and had no effect on bowl movements.