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  • Anonymous 8:36 am on March 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Tiger King Memes 

    Tiger King was a very successful Netflix series, and has also become big for meme. I’m not going to spoil it, so I won’t be talking to much plot, but I want to cover what effect this has.

    Tiger King is about a crazy zoo keeper who lives in Oklahoma. But the two main characters are Joe Exotic and Carol. Both of them are unique. This uniqueness is what’s gives them their stickiness factor, for meme making. Joe Exotic is a gay version of Joe Dirt, who owns this weird zoo, where he owns wild cats, and other animals. Carol is basically a poor version of Hillary Clinton. The interesting part about this, both of these two individual have there own type of meme.


    The series protagonist is Joe. It’s normal that sane people tend to side with the protagonist. Joe also seems like a fun guy, in a white trash way. Joe is used in a lot of memes. Almost all of these memes, involving Joe, show off his white trash side; most people would think of this negatively. A lot of the memes involving Joe, are relatable, and are funny because they relate to average person. In a sense these memes brings Joe’s fun uniqueness to boring normal life.
    Carol antagonist is a different type of meme. Carol is a liberal who want’s to shut down Joe’s zoo. Her memes are more like those of the Clintons, OJ, or Epstein. Her husband mysteriously died (yeah…we’ll leave it at that.) The meme’s involving Carol go to how she (supposedly) killed her husband.

  • Anonymous 12:56 pm on March 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    A meme to counter the idea of "Rape Culture" 

    This was an impressive success. I haven’t been able to go anywhere online that isn’t talking about this. The concept of “Rape Culture” has become an intolerable toxin that needs to be flushed.  

    How about overusing the words to desensitize everyone to its verbal impact? When we think of the word “rape”, we think of a dud chasing down and violating helpless women. Even though these false rape fiends cry “rape” all the fucking time, the word still has its old impact. Sure, they are already reducing the word into a joke already, but it’s not fast enough. The left will call everything rape until the word has no meaning.

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    Making Pepe Mainstream? 

    Would it be a good idea to intentionally force it, and make so many pepe edits, that it crashes the pepe market, then when pepe becomes old, like all the other memes, use it again.

    No because that would be the ultimate death of pepe. Every meme that gets touched by normies dies forever.
    Good thing there are some idiots who think a frog is racist.

  • Anonymous 8:31 am on March 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Forced Memes aka “Pysops” 

    This idea should be for all “psyops” memes being forced on us by the establishment and the corporate oligarchy and how to counter them.

    You mutate the meme. Take that picture, put some anti-slut/pro-monogamy message instead and then flood their hashtags. Then all you must do is keep it up until they break.

  • Anonymous 2:27 pm on March 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    The Time the Internet Broke Reality 

    Everyone remember the Berenstein Bears?  Remember how about a couple year ago apparently reality switched a flip on us and now it is spelled ‘Berenstain Bears?  Remember how everyone said no fucking way it was Berenstein!  But then when they looked at their old children’s books or went to the library, they all said ‘Berenstain’? And everyone was shocked and confused, some even expressed fear…  people wrote blogs about it; massive threads were made reddit and on forums. Everyone was sure they remembered it spelled ‘Berenstein’ but everywhere they looked all the actual old physical copies of the books somehow were spelled Berenstain.  The authors even came out and said ‘nope our name is spelt Berenstain and we named the bears after ourselves and our grandparents immigration paperwork is even spelled Berenstain’.

    Well… Here you go:

    Check out the link and let your mind become full of wonder.  This reality bending shit is real.

    What’s the end game of something like this though? Just a simple test? Or are they rewriting everything every day? Are we just noticing the small bits? Through academic branches and powerful people this can easily go a lot further. Will the history books in the schools will never tell a story of any free country a hundred years from now? Will your mind be scanned, and you will be placed in prison for inappropriate thinking? And will all of it will fall under the banner of which ever charismatic despot you fall under? Children will never know there was a better time, in the pass, as they gaze into the world of reality tv, if someone employs this. We need more of this I’m willing to bet this goes a lot further. I imagine endings of films authors names a lot of things have been changed. What we need is access to an old untouched library of films and books; things that could have provocative notions. I bet a good bit of this stuff has changed in the Las fifty years.

    Some people feel like this was intentionally hyped. Maybe some anons thought it was funny to joke about it, maybe it was shills, maybe it was outright shitposting. It might be a simple misunderstanding. Everyone knows ‘-stein’ names, they’re associated with a lot families. And so, if you see ‘-stain”, your brain is just as likely to overlook the difference. Mental shortcuts. Anyway, even if this was legit, this isn’t the case of the internet breaking reality. It’d be a case of the internet realizing reality had been broken.

    Yes.  The fact that it was after all that ‘pole shift/age of Aquarius’ stuff is peculiar though and those may have been the cause. I’ve decided that in addition to us trying to figure out how this works here I’m going run an experiment.  I am going to set upon a goal and work on my mindset so that when ever at all possible I am thinking ‘this is happening this is the truth’ until I believe it on a subconscious level.  And if that works then I guess this shit is real.  I have neighbors that really fucking sick, general low lives always fighting at all hours of the night

    This is known as the Mandela effect



    It gives me a little solace to think that we’re trapped in a different dimension and somewhere in this multi verse there’s a plane of existence in a much better state and we must remember it in order to be a part of it once again.

    This is spooky.  I totally remember it as Berenstein Beers.  Lookup Mandela effect, it’s similar.  I remember growing up hearing that Nelson Mandela died in prison.  Then wtf was there a huge deal in like 2013 of his death, he should have already been dead.  I have another memory of a Thanksgiving dinner in 2004 with my family.  A dessert called Vienetta was served.  I remember that it looked like, tasted like, chair I sat in.  Years later, I was asked what I wanted for dessert for Xmas dinner, I said that, my family has no recolation of ever having that.  They think I’m crazy.

    Also, go on Ebay and look for Berenstein bears.  There are aucitions for the books, but the sellers list them as “Berenstein” but the pictures of the books is “Berenstain”.  I’d post picture, but you could argue it’s shopped, so look yourself.  My theory is the people posting the auction believe it’s Berenstein. I went to a BBQ today after reading this post, thinking my noodle was cooked.  I asked the hostess, without pronouncing the name.  She said “Berenstein”.  I later asked a middle school teacher what the name of the series of books was, she said “Berenstein”. Researching this phenomenon, there are other tidbits of history that aren’t right:  the famous guy in China who stood up to the tank in Tianaman square, what do you think happened to him?  Then go look it up.

  • Anonymous 12:08 pm on March 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply  


    What is it and what does it mean?

    Rommeling is when someone gets killed because they commit a crime, but when the are executed they are executed, in away that preserves their image to the public.


    The word comes from the name of a man called Irwin Rommel. He was one of the best generals of all time, and a Nazi commander. He was very loyal during the beginning of World War 2. As everything progressed and Hitler became more and more demanding, he knew something needed to be done. He got involved with a hit plot against. This plot failed, and Rommel was executed by suicide pill, yet he had full honors at his funeral. The only reason he got full honors was so no one knew of his crimes, because that would be embarrassing to the Nazi party. 

  • Anonymous 7:51 am on March 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Shit Posting 

    Don’t…or at least do it right.

    It’s very annoying. And when I mean shit posting I mean random material that is unrelated just to be annoying. If you are trying to share ideas don’t post random shit, in random places. Whenever you post something, you need to make sure, it relates to some subject, in the area where you are posting it.

    I do this with this site. But wherever I post a link, I make sure that I have something in common with the group that I was posting it. It’s funny I have a shit posting trap built into this website. Most people don’t know this, but that comment section beneath here is. Every comment goes to an inbox and then I must be approved before going on this site. You will be amazed at how much stupid shit people try to post.

  • Anonymous 9:36 pm on March 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Meme Tactical Units 

    I’m not saying or implying that we should have a leader.  But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have some units or something like that (even if it is just a meme itself and not practically used). Like completely arbitrary units that are assigned to topics instead of having Anons assigned to them.

    As in:

    Everyone one does what they are good at. Some people are good at research, not just googleing, but going   through videos forum and documents. Some people are good at making content and media work. Some people, like your truly, are better at sharing and publishing, in the sense they know how to get the word out to a larger than average group of viewers.

    I think there are different roles to be played. Some people simply generate conceptual material and loose claylike idea genesis while others design, implement through hosts, and a further regurgitation and cycling of the material in and through itself. Less of an emphasis on creating and implementing strict ideas, more of an emphasis on freeform material globalization matriculating repeatedly in a process. But that’s just what I would call the globalizer unit probably.

    Just find what your good at. Then find a group of people who you can coordinate with.

  • Anonymous 11:21 am on March 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Changing the Meaning of Words 

    Why don’t we start thinking about changing the meanings of English words in order to weaken those words. Specifically “Power words”, like Power word – Racist. To some extent, /pol/ has already been doing this, for example – the meme of “Everything is Racist” By jokingly implying everything the merchants don’t like is Racist, the word itself loses its power over the masses. It becomes a parody, a joke.

    e.g It’s Racist not to give Abortion clinics more money! It’s Racist not to vote for Democrat! It’s Racist to want to end freedom of speech! It’s Racist to support Gun Control!

    Another side effect is it creates a link in the unconscious mind between the merchants and negative things which the masses are generally against. By linking words to other concepts, we can dilute and even completely change their meanings. The elite know this and are currently using similar techniques to change the meanings of other words, like Power Word – “Terrorism”. Terrorism used to be defined as a targeted attack against civilians with the intent to cause terror, chaos and fear. Now it means any action taken that subverts or attempts to weaken the system of control the elite wield. Even actions which vaguely damage the economy are now considered “Terrorism”. They are also in the process of changing the word “nationalism” and have been so successful that “nationalist” now means the freedom to be a Nazi (not independent). 

    Therefore constitutions, laws and regulations are ultimately worthless. If they can’t change them directly, all they must do is change how the words are interpreted. It’s time we take conscious control of this potent tactic. Let’s begin by thinking about power words to target and thinking about new words we can create and spread to counter enemy word manipulation.

  • Anonymous 7:00 am on March 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    First Step to Using Memes to Influence 

    I’ve seen too many people try thinking about what memes to spread and use, but what you’re doing is putting the cart before the horse. Marianasweb.org is a very small website with very few people compared to the other large media sites. In order to be able to use meme magic or influence with memes in general, you need to first spread the meta meme of us having that power in the first place! We ought to first be focusing on how to popularize dank meme magics in trusted, smaller groups before trying to do anything. Stuff like how good troll groups work, government interest in memes as propaganda, and the general examples of memes influencing reality ought to be distilled into meme form so we may first grow in power!

    Memetics I feel is not particularly magical, although “Magic” may be a useful metaphor to help craft the philosophy outlined in this blog series.   I think the dissemination of memes into the public sphere a (i.e. memes designed to subvert growing insanity in society) is our best step forwards. If we can humorously (it has to be humor conveyed or the memes won’t catch on) put memes into society, which quietly contest the narratives of MSM, while maintaining esotericism in our own ranks. We can do a great deal here. That said… it will not be easy, and I do not think psychic phenomena are real and ought to be relied upon.

    In addition, I feel subversive and subtlety are our best tools. Memes that mock and deride current narratives, in a palatable and comedic sense are our best tool. We need to manipulate “the normies” a little in a slightly la-li-lu-le-lo manner. By providing new contexts, we can show up the ludicrousness of the world’s growing insanity, by using these methods to establish widespread societal sanity. We have to be the patriots.

    • 3zF6p-oy4XE 9:23 am on March 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Now you see, while I wholeheartedly agree with the content of your post…I do have a few problems.
      1) “Memes” as in the humorous image definition and not : a video, funny image or paraphrase are at large widely random and randomly created. This, in turn doesn’t always predict what may come next. I’ve found there are memes for mostly everything but that doesn’t mean the particular “meme” you are looking at has gone mainstream.
      2) The original definition of “Meme” in Standard English refers to it being an idea, and along with the word “Memetic” the successful spread of an idea and propagation throughout a society or community. BUT! What both of those words don’t immediately mean is the internet-spread humorous image conveyed with *Impact* bottom & top text. See what I’m saying here? Everyone widely assumes “meme” and “memetics” to mean : le funny doge haha laff.
      When it shouldn’t be like that at all, people are destroying Standard English and making it harder for people learning the language to understand. As well as deriving meaning into words that don’t belong there.
      3)I feel as if for a good “meme” to be created AND continue to be created, there needs to be: an event, funny drama and an willing community. Once you have all those three things, you can achieve the things YOU outlined in your post.
      Those are my only key-points, other than that you are correct in most of what you say. I wish there was more people dedicated to creating “memes” or more people aware of politics and what effect it could have on their life in the future.


      • Anonymous 9:43 am on March 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        To be honest. I really enjoyed this comment. You do touch on a few things that I want to cover down the line. You mentioned how an internet meme(like a funny pic or vid) is not the same as what the word traditionally meant. This is true. There are few reasons I talk about internet memes. The first reason is that they are the most common and most used by people. They are cheap and easy to do, as long as people like your post. I’m not saying there aren’t people trying to be funny on the internet, and failing. Also the internet is one of the fastest ways to spread information, whether it is in a joking meme, or something more formal. This is the primary function of the internet. Memes didn’t start with the internet, but it sure did increase their effectiveness.


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